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The best practice is to try contacting the professional bee removal service. Theses bees get the name killer as they are very dangerous insects and have to be handled with care which can be done by professionals. If you plan to move the nest yourself, make sure you have taken precautions. Try to get a bee suit to protect yourself against stings. You dress have to include a loose net which covers you face. Make sure you wear full sleeves and long pants to protect yourself from attacks. Treat the hive with care. Most of the time spraying a chemical makes them defensive and angry. Best way to get rid of bee is to completely remove the hive. Monitor their return. Knock the beginnings of a hive down whenever it comes back.

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Q: How do you get rid of killer bees and or bees?
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Get rid of bumble bees?

Scream and Run is what I would do but just spray them with fly and wasp killer!

How do you get rid of bees in a mulch bed?

Use a spray bee killer for the particular type of bees in the mulch bed. Be careful walking around the mulch as the bees may be inside the mulch as well.

How did the killer bee get its name?

Killer bees are called killer bees because they kill people and other mammals.

What would eat bees?

Killer Bees

What are killer bees?

aggressive honey bees

How do you get rid of bees in your roof shingles?

You can buy some cans of bee killer, but some leave bad stain the shingles.

How are honey bees and killer bees different?

well by the way they are different cos ,killer bees hurt you and they will kill you and bumble bees and honeybees dont so there

What do killer bees do in the winter?

in the winter, killer bees hibanate and come out in the summer and hot weather.

What is the population of killer bees in the us?

The population of killer bees in the United States is in the upper millions. In June, 2013, 100,000 killer bees invaded a vacant home in Houston, Texas. Killer bees are expanding across the US at an alarming rate each year.

Will coke work to get rid of Bees?

no coke will not get rid of bees it will only attract them

What is the collective noun for a killer of bees?

The leading killer of bees is diseases; the collective noun is a catalog of diseases.The next important killer of bees is mites; the collective noun is an infestation of mites.Another killer of bees is wasps; the collective noun is a colony of wasps, or a nest of wasps.

Why do killer bees create less honey than honey bees?

Um.Dumb question but if u need 2 know honey bees aren't as visious as killer bees .therefore killer bees attack more.while,honey bees are humble and do what they do best make honey from flowers nectar

Do killer bees produce honey?

killer bees do produce honey, as they are just like other bees, just bigger, more powerful and stronger.

Do killre bees kill other killer bees?


Do killer bees have spots?


What can killer bees do to you?

They can kill you!

Are the killer bees endangered?


When was Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees created?

Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees was created in 2003.

How do you get rid of bees in a dryer vent?

You can purchase Raid or other chemicals to get rid of bees in a dryer vent. You can also call a pest control company to come out and get rid of the bees.

Are killer bees more poisonous than regular bees?


Do killer bees make as much honey as other bees?


Why are there different types of bees?

Well, Theres killer bees. And honey bees. Honey bees collect food for there family/home members. Killer bees protect the hive and also try to gather food honey bees dont sting. there nice =))

Do killer bees leave their stinger?

Yes they do. Killer bees are very similar to normal bees. The difference is that Afrianized or 'Killer' bees are more easily provoked and attack in much larger swarms then normal bees. Victims normally die based on the number of stings that are inflicted in a very short amount of time.

Are you going to control the killer bees?

No. Are you?

Do they have killer bees in Michigan?