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How do you get rid of mosquito larvae in your pool?


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There are special chemicals to distribute in pool water to kill mosquito larvae. To keep them out, use a tight pool cover and filter.

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Probably mosquito larvae. Chlorine will do the trick. Stop by your local pool supply.

It is highly unlikely that mosquito larvae in your pool will make you sick. While mosquitoes are vectors for various diseases, the larvae are not.

Most fish will gladly to eat the larvae.

If they float try a floating skimmer this will get rid of just about any thing on the surface of a pool. Mosquito larvae prefer stagnant water so just running the pool filter a little more often may be the answer to your problem.

Bleach , no fish in it right, and no people or animals in it for a couple of days till the bleach clears up

No. Swimming pools have chlorine or salt-water, both of which prevent the growth of mosquito larvae, so even if a mosquito lays eggs in a swimming pool, the eggs will die before becoming larvae.

As long as you keep your pool regularly chlorinated then the mosquito larvae will not have a suitable water pH to survive in. If you slack off on the chlorination then the water will start to turn a greenish color and that is when the larvae will thrive.

Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

tell me wat size r mosquito larvae

The most useful technique for mosquito elimination is to get rid of standing bodies of water in which they breed. The larval phase of the mosquito requires a pool of water of some kind. You can also put oil on top of the water, which interferes with the breathing of the larvae.

A mosquito larvae breathes in air through its siphon. It is the younger one of a mosquito!! CHA CHA!!

Yes, there are several ducks who will eat mosquito larvae. Muscovy ducks are said to be the main predator for mosquito larvae and are essential for keeping the mosquito population at bay.

Repel, mosquito larvae can not survive in salt water.

You just have to change the water in your swimming pool. I have a joke for you. If you're trapped in an island, what trapwill you use?

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae can definitely be dangerous to humans and other animals. There can be a host of diseases that can be spread by coming in contact with this larvae.

if they hang out towards the top most the time they are probably mosquito larvae.

You take something like a pool net and you go around picking it out

Yes, it is safe to eat mosquito larvae; you will digest them. They even have nutritional value.

No. It is a young mosquito that lives underwater.

YES, especially mosquito larvae

A great many species eat mosquito larvae. Other predatory aquatic insects (e.g. dragonfly larvae, aquatic beetles) as well as freshwater fish (e.g. guppies, killifish, carp) and even birds (migratory songbirs, waterfowl) will eat mosquito larvae. Tadpoles also eat mosquito larvae.

Getting rid of mosquito larva is the easiest way of combating mosquitoes. Dump any still standing water, it will give mosquitoes no where to lay their eggs.

A little bit of cooking oil on top of most containers with mosquito larvae will kill the little critters. Still, it is good to get rid of standing water all around. Without standing water, they can not come back.

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