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Make sure the application and Mac have the latest updates.

The program has either stalled or stopped working and the computer is waiting for the application to respond and waits a certain amount of time to quit, unless the application froze then you have to Force quit it.

Another reason is if you only have the minimum amount of Ram the computer will start using your hard drive as virtual Ram and as the Hard Drive is much much slower then "Normal" Ram it takes a lot longer to read and write to it. Especially if your HD is almost full. If your programs are always getting the "Spinning Beach Ball" most of the time adding more Ram stops it.

Sometimes if you haven't restarted for quite a while some applications that haven't been updated or haven't been written very well won't release the Ram they had used after you quit it so only a restart will clear it. Simply shutting down the computer for several seconds will clear everything up.

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Q: How do you get rid of spinning coloured ball on apple computers?
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