How do you get rid of the skunks odor?


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A bath in Tomato Juice is a common remedy to remove the odor.

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Skunks do not smell when the have not sprayed. The odor of a skunk does stay on them for weeks after they have sprayed.

Yes a skunks scent will attract others around to that area

Ferrets do not smell like skunks and the two are not related as previously thought. Ferrets have a slight musk odor not anything even close to what a skunk smells like. Skunks have a very bad putrid odor

Skunks defend themselves by spraying a foul and offensive odor that discourages most predators .

Skunks can spary five times in a row. But once a skunk uses up its odor, it takes about a week to fully retain enough odor to spray again.

Skunks do. I don't know if there are others.

it is from a special sac they use when they feel threatened

Skunks belong to the weasel or Mustelidae family. Skunks spray a strong odor of liquid to defend itself from predators.

There is a product called What Odor? that I'm sure will do the trick. I use it on my work boots, and it completely gets rid or the odor of cow manuer, and worse. Had me saying what odor??

They release a foul odor for protection from anyone/anything.

Woodchucks, ferrets, skunks, beavers, dogs, and cats are mammals who secrete a musky odor when frightened.

Skunks get scared when someone is near them, so they use odor. If you get sprayed you should take a tomato bath.

no but skunks spray chemicals that do, at perceived predators and the smell is notoriously difficult to get rid of.

To get rid of dead mouse odor, get rid of the dead mouse. The smell will follow it. Then, open a window for 5 minutes.And a little bit of Oust

Skunks specail body parts are their tail where their odor comes out of

well this is one reason not how to get rid of skunk odor: tomato juice ( unless you want to ). you only think it works because when you smell it up close you can't smell the odor of the skunk anymore. but i think to get rid of skunk odor is to take a bath in SOAP! and LOTS of it!

12 gauge shot gun. Works wonders

Spray it with some What Odor? I purchased this product and it gets rid of any odor, and it does not return!!!!! Order at

tomato sauce or get a stick and shoo it away.Come up with a plan that will scare skunks so they never come back.

Skunks make a nasty odor when they feel threatened by enemies. The odor often instantly makes the enemy flee. If the odor is sprayed on a human, a method to get it off is to bath in tomato juice.

One can get rid of body odor by cleansing the body with soap or body wash while taking shower. Afterwards, applying deodorant and body perfume helps reduce body odor.

Skunks belong to the skunk family. Skunks best known for their ability to excrete a strong, foul-smelling odor, belong to the family Mephitidae

You have to take them to a vet so they can spad him.

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