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How do you get rid of wasps?

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put warm water and get rid............. i had a nest under a building where i worked... we couldn't get to the nest, but we knew where the wasps were escaping and i put an echo blower, just used the sucktion on it and sucked the wasps as they left the nest.. i also put a shop vac and vaccumed up the wasps.. it's a good way if you can't find the nest.

2009-08-26 15:43:27
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Q: How do you get rid of wasps?
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How do you get rid of wasps in your upstairs bathroom?

spray them with water

How do you get rid of wasps that build mounds of mud in the ground?


How do you get rid of gall wasps?

The best way it get rid of gal wasps is to spray areas where they are known to exist with pesticide. Sticky traps can also help trap the adults and thus prevent them from breeding.

How can you get rid of ichneumon wasp in they're close to a pool?

Ichneumon wasps are highly specific parasitoid wasps. They will often have one specific target prey. Observe them and try to find out what they are after. Perhaps beetle grubs in your trees? If you get rid of their prey, you get rid of them as well.

Do all wasps sting?

Not all wasps sting. Some wasps are even helpful. They help get rid of insect pests like flies, aphids, and caterpillars that can feed on food and trees.

How do you get rid of the wasps in virtual viallagers 4?

The wasps will eventually go away on their own as they are a random event in the game. You can also use the wasps if you run out of food to make noni appear.

What can you spray to get rid of wasps?

Wasp 7 hornet jet freeze.

Does biting your tongue get rid of wasps?

No, it has no effect on them. That is an old wives tale.

How do you get rid of bees in wood pile?

You can spray wasp spray into a wood pile to get rid of the wasps. You can also smoke them out.

How do you get rid of wasps nests?

Spray it with hot water, oil, or ant killer.

How do you get rid of bees or wasps?

You swat them with a plastic fly swatter and then you chuck it out the window

How do you get rid of digger wasps?

To get rid of digger wasps, you will need to locate the holes or nests they have made. Then you can pour one cup of ammonia in each nest, every day for a week, until they stop building new nests.

Is it necessary to get rid of a bee's nest if you can patch up the entrance after you rid the bees from the walls or can the honey still attract bees thourgh some other opening?

You should get rid of the nest because wasps will be atracted to the honey and if there are wasps they probably won't sting you as they are stealing and remove the nest at night as that is when wasps bees and other insects go back to their hives, but be careful.

How to get rid of great black wasps on holly bush?

To get rid of wasps on a holly bush, you must first find the nest. If they are swarming the bush, the nest will usually be very close by. You can use a commercial wasp killing spray to kill the wasps, but make sure to remove the nest after they are dead or another colony will move in.

How do you get rid of mud dauber wasps?

Mud dauber wasps make tunnels out of a clay like substance and attach them to wood usually. Hardware stores sell chemicals to kill the wasps and then someone should remove the tunnel.

How do you get rid of a wasps nest?

spray or pour gas on the nest gas or desel or vingegar

How do you get rid of wasps in the wall?

Dust insecticide in the wall void to coat int. surfaces.

How do you get rid of cicada killer wasps?

Without cicadas the wasps can not reproduce. You could collect them by hand, it is impossible to collect alle the larva because they live inside cicada's.

How do you get rid of a wasp in your room?

Wasps can be swatted just like flies, you track them down and crush them - just be careful not to miss, since wasps can sting, unlike flies.

How to Get rid of wasp nests in walls?

You can hire a pest control company to get rid of wasps inside your walls. You can also try sprays such as Raid.

Is your wooden deck attracting wasps?

yes! How do I get rid of them???? We have a huge wooden deck with a pool and the stinking wasps are not only annoying, they are aggresive and sting often! We have tried wasp traps (waste of money) - anyone know how to get rid of them or what to treat the deck with to repel them?

How can you get rid of a wasps nest without them stinging you?

Wait until night, then spray the nest with insecticides.

How do you get rid of wasps around a pool?

If you have a paintball gun shoot it but if you don't have one then spay it with a hose.

Is there a home remedy to get rid of red wasps?

Dish soap and water sprayed onto the nest

Natural way to get rid of wasps?

Just wait 'till they leave,when it gets cold they will leave.