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Throw the container with the animals away - and keep the next batch in a:

Closed container with a Tight Fitting LidPut your flour and cereal in a container with a tight fitting lid, something like tupperware. That way they can't get in. In dog and cat food, freeze the food over night. same with Indian meal moths, they are about an 1/8 inch wide, 1/2 inch long.
2011-09-13 03:39:17
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How do you get rid of weevils?

If they're in your flour, you can sift them out and then put the flour in an airtight container.

How do weevils form in flour?

Weevils form in flour because the adults lay their eggs in the flour. During manufacturing, the government regulations allows a certain percentage of weevil eggs in the flour.

Are weevils dangerous?

no. weevils are not harmful. If it is found in flour, then start over with cooking

How do you get rid of boll weevils in the pantry?

throw all the flour products new pruducts, keep in ziplocks and store in the freezer.

How to prevent weevils in flour?

Freeze the flour overnight or for a few days.

Where do Weevils live?

Weevils do not tend to live underground. Depending on the species, they may live in grains and dry foods, while the boll weevil lives in and feeds on developing cotton bolls. Weevils have been known to live in packets of flour, biscuits, nuts and cereals. There are also aquatic weevils which live in temperate lakes and ponds. There are around 60 000 species of weevils, and only one is known to live underground.

What are the bugs that are found in flour called?


What are weevils that get in flour?

insects that are in corn and eventually also gets into flour in the process

What food group is flour in?

Breads and cereals

How do you get rid of boll weevils?

Kill them.

Are any celebritys on Bin Weevils?

there was a celebrity party on bin weevils but they got rid of it.:(

What foods use organic corn flour?


How do you get rid of weevils in cornmeal?

Bay leaves

Can you bake with flour that has weevils?

The only problem would be if you told anyone about it. It is just a little extra protein. That may upset some people, but if you run the flour through a shifter, that should get rid of most of the weevils and there are no diseases carried by weevils. People may not want to think about it, but we all eat a fair amount of bugs every day. The USDA even has an acceptable amount of bug content in breakfast cereal. If you absolutely must use the flour, a very fine sieve should separate out the weevils. Freeze the flour for at least two days first, to kill the insects. However if you can simply buy more flour, do so: any large infestation can affect flavors. If weevils are a recurring problem for you, wrap your flour packages in plastic and keep them in the fridge. Because the weevils could well be invisible but present before you buy the flour or other dry goods, freeze the package for two days before refrigerating; this will kill off any eggs or larvae. When you find weevils present in dry foods, wrap the package in plastic and dispose in the bin. You must also vacuum the cupboards where the weevils were found and then wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth.

What comes under cereals?

oats, grams,rice,flour.

How do you get rid of cracks in your Bin Weevils nest?

it is not possible

How do weevils get into flour?

They get into the flour because that is what they eat. If you cook the flour in an oven the heat will probably kill the weevils but they will have already had eggs. If they are dead it is safe to eat them because they have not been known to cause human deaths or diseases. Hope I answered your question. Chao!

What is the main ingredient of pasta?

Cereals, particularly durum wheat

Are flour mites the same thing as weevils?

No. A weevil is a type of beetle and a flour mite is a (smaller) pest which is greyish white.

What is sieving used for in everyday life?

Getting weevils out of flour. Also helps aerate the flour. Removing contaminants from a process fluid.

Are cereals and pasta the same?

cereals are grains, like wheat, rice, oats, barley, millet and rye. Pasta is made from wheat flour.

How do you get rid of leftover cereals with milk?

Feed it to the dogs or hogs.

How do you get rid of the junk in your plaza on bin weevils?

Go to haggle hut

Can you freeze self-rising flour?

Yes, you can store self-rising flour in the freezer. It will keep it fresh longer and keep weevils out.

What food group is flour under?

Breads and cereals. Flour is a grain product, typically ground from wheat, but you can also find corn flour (finely ground corn meal), rice flour, and flour from most other types of grain.