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How do you get rid of yellow jackets in the siding of your house?


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The Yellow Jackets are likely after the Celotex insulation under the siding. This is a common problem, but it requires the help of a professional exterminator to really eliminate them.

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You can spray chemicals to get rid of yellow jackets in your wall and crawl space. Foggers are also very helpful in getting the yellow jackets out of your home.

Chrysanthemum oil will help to get rid of bees and yellow jackets. This oil will burn the insect when sprayed directly on them and kill eggs.

I have used fire ants to get rid of yellow jackets in my yard. So in my experience fire ants win every time.

find the entrace to the nest then put boric acid aka roach powder from the dollar store at night they carry it into nest and wipe it out

You will want to get rid of the nest before repairing the siding. You can try spraying the bug killer for wasps into the area to see if that kills the wasps. You'll do this best by spraying at twilight, when the wasps have slowed down, and planning a direct get away into the house after spraying. If this does not work, or the nest turns out to be very large, you may need to hire an exterminator to do the job--for safety.

You can buy something called the Waspinator , it mimics a wasp nest, hang one or several around the outside of the house. It will indicate to other wasps this home is already taken and they will stay away.

They don't eat wood, they eat insects, you may want to check your siding for wood boring insects

I'm from British Columbia, Canada and we have the odd year where we are over-run with yellow jackets. Yellow jackets hatch out in grassy areas so go to your local nursery and ask them what environmentally safe product you can put on your grass to safetly get rid of them. It's doubtful they do build in a wall of a house (they are hatched in the grass) but anything is possible. They are actually delicate in nature and like a daddy long legs. They are harmless, but nonetheless bothersome. Yellow jackets are ground dwelling stinging hornets that look like bees and are quick o attach whatever bothers them. They are far from harmless and can kill large animals if provoked. IF they are yellow jackets - I suggest getting expert advice ASAP. I have had yellow jackets do this exact thing, build in the wall of my house. Since they do not fly at night, you need to seal up the entrance they are using to get in and out. I used caulk for this purpose. They will starve to death rather quickly once they are sealed in. Are you sure you have yellowjackets. I had a similar problem, but they ended up being paper wasps. Yellowjackets are close in appearance to bees. Paper Wasps like walls, eaves of your home, etc. Easily identified by the honeycombed paper nest. Wasp sprays through holes and seal the entrance will get rid of them. Do a search for paper wasps for more info. Answer I have the same problem and they do appear to be Yellow Jackets. They are NOT paper wasps but they are in the wall behind my front porch light.

Honey bees don't nest in the ground. A nest of flying stinging insects in the ground is more likely to be yellow jackets.

Set some meat you don't want some where away from where you are eating. Also, they aren't bees, they're either wasps or yellow jackets.

You get rid of Yellow Nails by Putting Whitening Toothpaste On them. Do it Daily.

well,how to get rid of them first get whatever they like second put the bait inside a hard pencil box with the top opened. then when the bee goes inside it, close the top as fast as you can. then bring it outside then open the lid.

One of the easiest methods I have discovered for killing yellow jackets is very effective. Here is what you will need: # a glass baking dish, a 9" pie dish works great # 1/2 cup honey # 1/4 cup liquid dish soap Pour the honey and soap evenly into the baking dish, set it near the infestation and check it in a couple of days. The yellow jackets, and other bees, will be attracted to the honey and will get stuck in the soap. Eventually they will die from being unable to move. When the dish is full of yellow jackets, spray the dish off with a hose and repeat the process.

Wet the ground and place an old carpet over the area. Leave the carpet overnight then remove it in the morning. The jackets will come to the surface and unto the carpet. Simply turn the carpet over in the morning and the birds will feast on the jackets that are under the carpet. Use a pyrethrin dust on them in the hole very early in the am, and then run, cause they will be mad.

Non-aggressive mini yellow jackets swarming by thousands on the ground can still cause a problem for people and animals that encounter them, as they may sting as a defensive measure. They may also be swarming temporarily as they search for a new home, but once the swarming stage is over they can turn aggressive. It is best to try to get rid of them if they are anywhere near areas frequented by people or animals.

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Woodpeckers dont eat wood, what they want are the insects inside. Get rid of the bugs and you will be rid of the birds. Woodpeckers and carpenter bees will make holes in soft untreated wood so paint or urethane would be another fix.

AnswerI'M NOT CERTAIN THIS WILL WORK BUT IVE SEEN ON TELEVISON WHERE SMOKE WAS USED TO GET RID OF BEESSmoke stuns and slows them down while the person takes their honeycombs. It does not kill them. They recover quickly and go on with their work none the worse for wear.

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