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How do you get rid of yellow teeth with braces?


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[Use teeth whitener; the kind you paint on.]


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braces.... or invisilign

yellow braces are not good because they make it look like you have plaque on your teeth. you get plaque by not brushing your teeth which is gross! the only time yellow braces are good is when you get the rainbow ones (yellow is in it just a little)

No they are just like any other braces...

get braces and ask ur dentist to shorten ur teeth

no, it makes your teeth seem yellow. But if you have really white teeth it might be okay.

Sometimes people who put braces on, once they take them out, they can have yellow teeth, possibly from the glue.

the food you eat can get caught in your braces, leaving bacteria that could stain your teeth. then they turn yellow like the sun

No, The white will make you teeth look yellow as your teeth arent 'white'.

i think it will make my teeth yellow as it will not be able to clean it as dirt will stuck in it

Yes, otherwise bits of food grow bacteria that rot your teeth and sugar rots your teeth. You can also get yellow marks on your teeth where your braces have been. The braces process is quicker if you have clean teeth, so it costs less if you're on a month to month plan. If you don't brush your teeth you can get bad breath, and people telling you, you have bits of food in your braces.

To remove fixed braces they simply use a tool which cracks off the braces from your teeth, this is not harmful or painful for your teeth. Then you will have your teeth cleaned and polished to get rid of any excess glue. Then you will more than likely have some pictures taken and impressions to give a mould of how much your teeth have improved and your fittings for your retainer

I suggest not gettin White or black. Why? White will make a contrast to the colour of your teeth to the pure White braces. If you have yellow teeth, they will look worse than before. And Black braces do the same thing. If you have yellow teeth, it's gonna make it look like you chewed up a bumble bee. But of course, if your teeth are pure White, any colour works pleasurably:)

Teeth Braces or Dental Braces (orthodontic braces/braces) are used to align and straighten teeth. The application is for cosmetic appearance and overall dental health.

An orthodontist can put braces on your teeth

No, not brushing your teeth will make them yellow but it will make them white and if your teeth where already white it may make the blocks yellow when you take them off also if you eat sweets and chocolate anything like that or drink sugary foods can make your teeth yellow but be careful with your teeth cause it may happen .

No. The braces will hold the teeth in place.

Braces are things that go on your teeth and it straighten your teeth and make you have a nicer smile

It is unlikely that you get braces with baby teeth, but if they are molars or larger teeth you can.

Well speak with your dentist. It is very common for them to cut your gums between your teeth and use braces.

No my teeth are ichty at the top sometimes and my braces came off 2 years ago... But u get sexy teeth so go for it .. It makes a hudge difference ... My teeth are yellow lol but there perfectly str8 and i dont care if anyone sees my teeth

if your bottom teeth are okay and straight then they are not going to put braces in the bottom teeth , but if your top teeth are crooked and not straight , then you will only get braces at the top.

As long as you brush your teeth while you have your braces, there will be no marks. I had no marks on my teeth when my braces were removed. Another student in my school, however, never brushed her teeth and when her braces were removed she actually had brown bands on her teeth. ~ T

Of course you can. Braces have nothing to do with the "color/brightness" of your teeth. Braces are used to straighten teeth. If it is, in your finding, that drinking coffee has discolored your teeth, then he or she (your dentist) can apply a "whitener" to your teeth, regardless of braces. Regards

You want all of your teeth to have fallen out that way your adult teeth are in and you do not have to worry about losing teeth will you have braces.

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