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Sepsis in infection of your blood. You would have to have a lung infection that turned into sepsis that would be how.

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Q: How do you get sepsis in the lungs?
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Is a blood infection bad?

Yes, it is since the infection is in the entire body and it is called sepsis. It does depend on the bacteria or virus that is involved but still can be deadly. There are a lot of different microbes which can cause sepsis. Bacteria is the leading cause of sepsis but fungi and virus can also cause it. Infections in the kidneys and bladder (UTI), lungs (pneumonia), skin (cellulitis), appendicitis, meningitis and others can lead to sepsis. Infections developed after surgery may also cause sepsis. Bacterial infection is a medical emergency. A person having sepsis should be treated in the hospital specifically in the intensive care unit.

Where did the word sepsis originate?

Sepsis (from greek Σήψις, sepsis, "rot")

What are the causes of sepsis on preterm babies?

The body may have developed an inflammatory response to microbes in the blood, urine, lungs, skin, or other tissues.

Is there a cure for sepsis?

is there any cure for sepsis

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Will sepsis kill your organs?

Sepsis will not only kill organs, it will kill you.