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You have to turn it into the Editor of the newspaper and they decide if they'll use your article or whatever you are putting in the newspaper.

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Q: How do you get something published in the newspaper?
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Which was first Marathi newspaper published?

The first Marathi newspaper published was Darpan.

Who published the antislavery newspaper The Liberator?

William Lloyd Garrison is the person who published the newspaper in 1831.

Where is the newspaper 7DAYS published?

The newspaper "7DAYS" is published in the United Arab Emirates. It is a free daily tabloid newspaper and was the first free newspaper of it's type in the region.

In which country was the first newspaper published?

Supposedly, the first newspaper was published in 1605 by Johann Carolus in Germany.

When was the Greeley Tribune first published?

The Greeley Tribune is a daily newspaper published in Greeley, which is in northern Colorado. The newspaper was first published on the 16th of November, 1870.

What was Louisiana's first newspaper?

Le Moniteur de la Louisiane was probably the first published newspaper in Louisiana published by a Louis Duclot. It was the most published newspaper in the 1790s.Resource:

How long has The Times newspaper been published in the UK?

The Times newspaper is a British daily newspaper published in London, England. It was founded on January 1, 1785. It was first published with the name "The Times" on January 1, 1788.

Who published the antislavery newspaper The Liberator and when was it published?

William Lloyd Garrison

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Where was The Liberator published?

The Liberator was a weekly newspaper published in Boston, Massachusetts in 1831 by William Lloyd Garrison. It was an anti-slavery newspaper.

Who was the abolitionist who published the newspaper The Liberator in 1831?

Boston-based Abolitionist newspaper, published by William Lloyd Garrison, 1831-1865

When was the first Hindu Newspaper published?

The Hindu is an Indian daily newspaper written in English. It was first published as a weekly paper in 1878 and started to publish as a daily newspaper in 1889.

What was the first newspaper published in Maine?

The weekly 'Falmouth Gazette'was the first newspaper to be published in Maine. Begun in Portland (then 'Falmouth'), it was published on January 1st, 1785 by Thomas Wait.

How often is the Dainik Jagran published?

The highest read newspaper (daily) in India, Dainik Jagran, a Hindi language newspaper, is published weekly or as often as any other general newspaper.

Where is the daily newspaper Arab News published?

The Arab News is the first English-language newspaper that was published in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1975. The Arab News is a very popular newspaper.

Where is Vijaya Karnataka published?

"Vijaya Karnataka" is an Indian newspaper. It is the most popular newspaper in Kannada language and it is published in a number of cities in Karnataka.

When was the first US newspaper?

America's first continuously-published newspaper, the Boston News-Letter published its first issue on April 24, 1704. source:

Where is the Mint newspaper published?

The Mint newspaper is published in India by HT Media Ltd. This publisher is based in Delhi. The Mint newspaper is the second largest business newpaper published by the company, which also publishes the Hindustan Times. It is also available as an ePaper and published in the English language, among other languages

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Pudhari is a newspaper in the Marathi language that is published in Maharashtra, India. It is the fourth largest newspaper in India. The Pudhari Epaper was first published online on May 1, 2000.

Where is the sun newspaper published?

The Sun Newspaper is published in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as in the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and FYROM.