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(btw this is for Pokemon fire red) i think u have to beat the elite 4. catch all

Pokemon. beat the battle tower.and the last one is to i forget i will add it when i remember.


in the card game there are rare energy cards that can give you certain powers as well as a star energy. However, most people don't have more than 2 or 3 in their personal deck.

Someone i know said that the star means you can use any energy but im not quite sure

make sure that when you are adding cards to your deck that you have 30 BASIC Pokemon, if you only have the level up version i don't THINK you will be able to put it into play or on your bench

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Q: How do you get stars on a Pokemon Trainer card?
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In Pokemon platinum what do the stars on your trainer card do?

The stars on your trainer card have absolutely no use whatsoever except for showing off to others. The stars also change the color of your trainer card.

Where are the stars located on a Pokemon trainer card?

The stars are located on the top of the card on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

How many stars can there be on your Pokemon diamond trainer card?

5 stars

What is the black card on Pokemon platinum?

The black card is your trainer card with I think 5 stars

How do i go to space in Pokemon emerald?

you must have 5 stars in your trainer card but its cannot be complited!

Where to get stars for your trainer card?

to get one star on your trainer card you have to beat the elite 4.

Were do you find jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

In outer space after getting 5 (five) stars on your trainer card.

What are stars on Pokemon pearl?

there on the back of your trainer card when you get all five stars you'll be more respected and nurse joy will change too

How can you have a stars in your trainer card in sapphire?

to get stars achieve the following: beat the elite 4, catch all the hoenn pokemon, catch all the johto pokemon, catch all the kanto pokemon.

How do you get different colors and stars for your trainer card in Pokemon platinum?

Catch a certain amount of Pokemon and defeat the elite four to change your card from copper to bronze to silver then gold.

How do you sign your trainer card in Pokemon diamond?

upstairs in the Pokemon center, you can talk to a person and they will let you sign your trainer card.

Where does it say your trainer ID in Pokemon emerald?

On your Trainer Card.

How do you get five stars on a trainer card in Pokemon Emerald?

i think u can only get 4 . to get 4th compleat all contests.

When i beat the elite 4 it comes the end what to do?

finish the pokedex and train your Pokemon to 100 and get 5 stars at the trainer card

Where do you get the three stars for FireRed on a trainer card?

The three starsTo get the three stars you need to. Beat the elite fourCatch all 150 Pokemon (bulbasaur-mewtwo)Catch all 386 Pokemon (bulbasaur-rayquaza)

How do you get 3 stars in platinum?

In order to increase the number of stars on your trainer card and, in turn, change the color of your trainer card, you must increase your value under "Score". This is done in many different ways, including defeating the Pokemon league and increasing the data in your pokedex.

What happens on Pokemon diamond if you get a five star trainer card?

when you get four or five stars, go to the Pokemon center and the lady there will say: 'Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Center. We restore your tired Pokemon to full health. Would you like to... Th-that Trainer Card! That sparkling colour! And all those stars! I've seen several trainers with Silver Trainer Cards up to now... but you're the first to top them off with that Trainer Card. Please, (Players Name), may I have the honor of healing you Pokemon?' Then you say yes. Then she will say: 'I will be pleased to take your Pokemon for a few seconds.' Then the same old stuff.

What to do when you get 5 stars in your trainer card in Pokemon emerald?

you train every single Pokemon in the national dex to level 100, and then you've beat the game, congrats

What is the last thing to do in Pokemon emerald?

the last thing to do is on your trainer card, you have stars. Get for stars then go to mossdeep and take the rocket to the moon. There you may catch deoxyes and jirachi.

What does the black trainer card look like in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

it will be black with 5 stars hope hope this helps :D

What to do if you forget your Pokemon trainer club user name?

Check you trainer card

Is there a Pokemon Platinum action replay code for the black trainer card?

no there is no cheat that helps you complete the trainer card.

How do you get five stars on trainer card?

you have to complete the game perfectley

How do you get Black Trainer Card in Platinum?

by getting 5 stars

How do you get 5 stars in Pokemon HeartGold?

IGN says:Complete the following events for stars (in any order):Beat the Elite Four;Defeat Red/beat all the records in PokeathalonWin 100 consecutive battles in Battle TowerShow [your friend] 5 Gold Leaf pokemonCapture all 493 Pokemon (does not include event-only pokemon).The number stars you have determines your Trainer Card color.Red Card - DefaultBlue Card - Obtain 1 starBronze Card - Obtain 2 starsSilver Card - Obtain 3 starsGold Card - Obtain 4 starsBlack Card - Obtain all 5 stars