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you can either make your own or you could download effects

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What is a Pivot Sentence?

A sentence in pivot (If you mean pivot stick animator)

Where you can get pivot 3.1 plus 2700 stick?

where i can get pivot 3.1 or 3.0 plus 2700+ stick??

Is there a pivot stick application for Mac?

Stykz (See links below) is a stick animation application available for the Mac which is equivalent to Pivot Stick.

What is a pivot stick?

Oh a pivot stick you must be talking about the pivot stick man animator it's some really cool animating software where you make stickman then make videos. If you have ever seen one of those video's on youtube that is a movie with nothing but stick men in them it was most likely made with pivot

How do you upload pictures for pivot stick figure animator?

you need to get pivot 3.0 to do this

Where to download stick pivot?

suck monkeys!lol no im kidding just go to google, type in stick pivot and DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuff for pivot?

If you want stuff for pivot stick figure animator, go on

Where can you get pivot stick figures?

Try It's a good place to get pivot models!

Where can you download pivot stick figures?

Does Stick Pivot Require Internet to use?


How much is stick pivot?

it is 100% free

How do you get a bullet stick in pivot?

you have to find the key.........

Is pivot a game?

no, it is a stick figure animator which, if you ask me is quiet intertaining. you can download pivot in google.

Can you download pivot stick figure animator on to a psp?

no but you can put pivot animations.i hope it help.

How do you get batman stick figures for pivot stick figure animator?

You make it yourself.

In the full version of pivot 3 will you be able to use your pivot 3 beta stick figures?

Peter Bone abandoned Pivot 3. AND NO

How do you donwload pivot stick animator 3?

you can go to and search Stick Pivot Animtor 3 beta download and look for something that people will show you how to get it.

How do you get stick figue animator?

Go on google and type Pivot and look for pivot download and download and install it

How do you upload pivot figures into pivot?

File> Load Figure Type, then find your stick figure and click it

What is the latest version of pivot stick animator for free?

The Latest Verson of Pivot I know of is version 3.1.

What is the program that make's animations?

pivot stick animator

How do you get pivot stick people objects?

Dont knioe

Where to download a pivot animator gunshot stick?


Where can you find a Pokemon pivot stick pack?


Is pivot stick figure animator 3.0 free? Or here: go to Pivot DL's and there it is