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Go to the top of Mt. Pyre summit and you will discover Maxie/Archie already took the Orb that was upon the summit. The elderly man will give you the Magma Emblem to open Team Magma's hideout.

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Q: How do you get the Magma Emblem on Pokemon Emerald?
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Why isn't the old lady giving you the magma emblem in Pokemon ruby?

You do not need and you cannot get the Magma Emblem in Pokemon Ruby. The Magma Emblem is a story item exclusive to Pokemon Emerald.

What is the magma emblem used for?

The Magma Emblem is used for getting into Team Magma's base in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Where is the team magma emblem in Pokemon emerald?

somewhere in their base

Where do you get a magma emblem Pokemon emerald?

go to mount pryre.

How do you get chimcheo in Pokemon Emerald?


Where do you get the fire emblem in pokemon emerald?

Fire Emblem is not in Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the team magma emblem on Pokemon emerald?

the man on mnt. pyere gives it to you af ter you beat them on mnt. pyere

Where do you get magma emblem in sapphire?

You only obtain this item in emerald.

On Pokemon sapphire version what do you do with the magma emblem?

go to magma hide out

How do you get the Magma Emblem on Pokemon Sapphire?


Where do you find team magma after they steal the submarine?

In emerald . If so its in mt need the magma emblem to get in.

Where is the Magma Hideout and Sea Floor caven in pokemon emerald?

The Magma Hideout,get Magma Emblem at Mt.Pyre,then go to Jagged Pass until you find a cave.The Sea Floor Cavern,is above a ship underwater.

What do you do with magma emblem?

i don't know but i remember that you can access the Magma Cave/Hideout in order to battle Maxie / or even not. I think after you defeat Maxie, it is closed. But i Already Finished Pokemon Emerald..

What do you do after the leaders of team aqua and magma take the orbs?

If you are playing Pokemon Emerald, talk to the Old Lady at the top of Mt. Pyre and she'll give you the Magma Emblem. Take the Magma Emblem to Jagged Pass, south of Mt. Chimney, then find the door with the fire symbol on it. The Magma Emblem will activated the door and the entrance will open for you to go into Team Magma's Hideout.

What do you do with the magma emblem in emerald?

Go to Jagged Pass and go in the middle where the Magma guy was. There is an earthquake and a door appears.

How can you get through team magma at mount chimney?

Beat them. To get to their base goto mt pyre and get a magma emblem for emerald

How do you enter team magmas hideout?

In Emerald, an old lady in Mt. Pyre will give you Magma Emblem. After you got it, go to Judged Pass. If you bring the Magma Emblem, the Magma Hideout will appear in Judged Pass.

Where do you get the team magma emblem on Pokemon sappphire?

From The lady inMT.PYRE

In Game Boy advanced in the game Pokemon emerald how to open the hideout?

If you men theteam aqua hideout,first you have to activate groundon in team magma hideout . You can get in it if , and only if you have the magma emblem. You get it from the man at mount pyre .

Where is team magma hideout to awaken Groudon in Pokemon Emerald?

The Jagged Pass at Mt. Chimney. To get in, however, you will need the Magma Emblem that is found at the summit of Mt. Pyre after Team Aqua and Team Magma steal the Red Orb and Blue Orb.

Where do you go after you get the magma emblem on Pokemon emerald?

go to the cable car at 112.go down the hill to jagged pass.the magma amulet shakes.a cave opens up.go in the cave.and you in team magma now you know what to do

How do you get to team magma's base in Pokemon emerald?

it's on the jagged pass at Mt. Chimney. But before you need to make sure you have the Magma emblem from the the old couple at Mt Pyre.

What do you do after you visit Mount Pyre in Pokemon Emerald?

POKEMON EMERALD (What the Pokedream guide misses out (and everyone who has answered so far)): You get a Team Magma Emblem at Mt Pyre. You then go to the Mt Chimney Chair lift and take it up. Once on top, go down the Jagged Pass. As you go down, the Magma Emblem will open up a cave for you to go into. Complete this before you are able to go to Slateport to meet Captain Stern.

How do you get the 7th emblem in Pokemon Emerald?

Depending on who it is, you still have to beat the Brain.

Where is the team magma emblem in Pokemon ruby?

run for your life you cant find it