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I am playing fire red and I've never even heard of the mystic and aurora tickets.

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A mystery gift you can obtain in firered is an aurora ticket and a mystic ticket.

the only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon firered/leafgreen or u could go to the Nintendo event get from through mystery gift.

yes, you get the mystic ticket or the aurora ticket, cant remember which.

The tri pass is given by bill, the rainbow pass is given by celio, the mystic ticket and aurora ticket are both unavailable unless you cheat.

it's from events it was in long time ago no point asking

i only know how to get unlimitted master balls.enter this code into your ar.(085938bb,99ff313d,2dafd739,5d796510)this also gives you unlimitted of every pokeballs

You must have gotten the respective tickets (Island 8, Navel Rock, Mystic Ticket | Island 9, Birth Island, Aurora Ticket) via a Nintendo Event.

The only way to get the tickets (mystic and aurora) in Pokemon firered is to either use action replay or use mystery gift with a friend Mystery gift: if you don't know how to get mystery gift, this is how. In any market after fusher city, go to the clipboard by the shop owner and enter 'Link Together With All.' You will now have access to the mystery gift system.

No, stores will no longer have the machines in order to distribute the Mystic and Aurora Tickets.

They are event items, but the events have ended. You can only get them by using the Action Replay or GameShark.

ticketsyou cant use the tickets in Pokemon firered you need to trade the ticket to Pokemon emerald and go to slateport city to the ship and give the ticket to the men there the mystic ticket get you to the faraway island there you get mew and aurora ticket get you to birth island there you get deoxys you CAN get them on FireRed, but it was done in a Nintendo event like 4 years ago, so you'll have to use Gameshark or Action Replay. Faraway Island (the only legitimate place in all the games to get Mew) is exlusive to Emerald but on FireRed you can use the Aurora Ticket to get to Birth Island to get Deoxys and the MysticTicket to get to Navel Rock which is where you get Ho-oh AND Lugia.

You need the mystic ticket to get to navel rock on firered.

The legendary birds, Mew, and Mewtwo.

as of right now its impossible, you need cheats.

In order to get an Aurora ticket or the Mystic ticket you would have had to participate in one of several worldwide events (which are long over). What I would suggest is either mix records with someone who has one. You can also buy the tickets on places like ebay.

When held by a Pokemon its raises the power of water attacks.

You have to have the Mystic ticket

These are event items given out at promotional events. It is also available to people using cheating devices such as a Gameshark.

Spell the word "mystic" with the unknown Pokemon. Then go back to professor oak if you have 60 Pokemon at least. He should give you a mystic ticket.

The Islands literally called 8 and 9 island are only accessible by hacking, but the islands Naval Rock and Birth Island need the event items Mystic and Aurora tickets respectively.

You need to have mystic and aroura tickect

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