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you go to Leonardo da vinci's workshop by the levers and jump on the top lever. the bottom one should be in the middle and get on it .and then jump to the peace medal.

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How do you get down the wood so you can get the peace medal in poptropica?

What peace medal? What peace medal?

What is the peace medal for on poptropica?

In time tangled island.

How do you get the peace medal in time tangled island in poptropica?

Use the swing thing to move the platform near the peace medal.

How do you help Lewis and clark poptropica?

You find the peace medal and give it to them.

In poptropica timetangle how do you get the peace medal?

You find the notebook and get the wings and fly

Who do you give the piece medal to on time tangled island poptropica?

:) U give the peace medal to Lewis and Clark

Why isn't it letting you touch the peace medal poptropica?

Because you have to get Leo's journal then he will give you gliders then you go back were the peace medal is under you then jump and go towards it. Hooray you got the peace medal for Lewis and clark.

How do you grab the peace medal on poptropica?

you use your glider and go down then swoop over to it

Where can you find the peace medal in Poptropica?

The peace medal on time tangled island is on Leonardo Davinci's part of the island when you climb to the top of the waterfall and walk over to this mechanism and you will see it hanging there.

How do you use the wings in poptropica time tangled?

You use the wings to reach the peace medal. You have to jump off of the "porch" and swoop down to get the medal.

What was a peace medal?

A medal of peace.

What time stream do you go to in poptropica time island to find a peace medal?

you find it in the inventors time period

How do you get the lucky China pot in Poptropica?

from the era w/ the girl who needs the peace medal @ the top of the tree. the beaver is wearing the pot.

What person do you need to give the peace medal to in poptropica?

You give it to Lewis and Clark. there, by the way, you'll find a stone bowl on a beaver's head

Where in da Vinci's workshop is the peace medal on poptropica?

The peace medal is located under the wood deck where the the pulley thing is. you need to return the note book to Davinci and then he will give you glider wings. take the glider wings and put them on. Then go over to the wood deck and where the gap is, jump but not straight down, jump straight across. that is where the peace medal is located. you get by jumping over

How do you get a medal in Early Poptropica?

When you have done everything and finished the adventure, at the end of early Poptropica there is a ship. Talk to the man and get a medal plus a hundred poptropica credits!

Where is the medal in Poptropica?

Well, you can't "find" the medal. Whenever you finish a world in Poptropica people will come up and automatically give you a medal so you don't have to search for it.

Where is the peace treaty on poptropica?

At Time Tangled Island, at Leo's shop, you have to jump up on the furthest wood slate at the top. Then, jump down, and go on the furthest one wood slate on the bottom. Then, you have to jump and get the "Peace Medal". By the way, it is a medal. Finally, go to the "Lewis and Clark" Time Island, click on Lewis and give him the medal

How do you find the peace meddle in time tagled on poptropica?

you have to go to micaelangelos workshop and go out on his invetion outside and jump from the swings down and if you jump at the right angle you should be able to grab the peace medal

How do you get the medal for nabooti island on poptropica?

finsh it

How do you get the medal for steamworks on poptropica?

Beat the island.

How do you get the early Poptropica medilion?

To receive the Early Poptropica medal, you must beat the island.

How much is a WW1 English Peace Medal worth?

A WWI English peace medal can be worth forty dollars or more. The specific value of the medal is determined by the current condition of the medal.

How do you get the medal for super power island poptropica?

You have to go to the comic shop and trade the hotdog for the medal

How do you get peace medal in poptropica?

Get it from Da Vinci's time, after you go on top of the rocks, go right until you see a puzzle with ropes and platforms. you have to make the jump from across the medallion

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