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In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the White Flute in Route 47 in the Johto region.

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It makes wild Pokemon appear more often :( or :)

Poke Flute Just a radio channel that only Kant uses Black Flute Repels wild Pokemon White Flute Attracts wild Pokemon Blue Flute Awakens a sleeping Pokemon Yellow Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Confusion Red Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Infatuation

You probably can't get a White Flute in Pokemon White.

You cannot get the Azure Flute in HeartGold. The Azure Flute is only capable of being used in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. The Azure Flute can only be obtained by an event of some sort in Diamond and Pearl.

no, but use can use poketransfer from heartgold to white

The PokeFlute is used to awaken Snorlax.

no for some reason you can't but you can trade pokemon from heartgold to white

If u have a White Flute you can Attract Ppl

The white flute I think attracts Pokemon. Later in the game you can also receive a black flute. The black flute on the other hand repels Pokemon.

update your radio It'll be the middle line on your radar at the top

the white flute increases your chance of seeing wild Pokemon in the grass

You can't get the azure flute in Pokemon heart gold you have to trade it from an older game than heart gold. Sorry :(

you get the white flute by findering the suite key at the valor lakefront

The white flute makes Pokemon appear more often.

Blue Flute- Awakens Pokemon Red Flute- Gets rid of infatuation Yellow Flute- Clears confusion Black Flute- Repels wild Pokemon White Flute- Attracts wild Pokemon And that's it.

Yes it was the event flute and you are lucky to have it. When Pokemon black and white come out the flute will call a new generation legendary.

It's in the dark cave and you need HM SURF

ask the little children they know you want them

You don't get a pokeflute. It is an option on the kanto radio receptor.

you have to beat the elite four than talk to professer elm he will give you the poke flute

you have to get the kanto radio and use the Pokemon flute channel on it

Use the cursor-thing and place it at the very top.

iy u get the azure flute at the end yes u can get arceus

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