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In order to manually install an addon, first download the addon and unpack its zip file. Everything contained inside the zip file should then be copied into the World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons folder.

When you start up World of Warcraft again, click the "addons" button at the bottom left of the character selection screen and make sure that the addon is there and the box in front of it is checked.

The addon should now be running properly. If the addon has not been updated for some time, you may need to click the "load out of date addons" option for it to work, but this increases the chance of the addon causing errors.

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To get the "Addons" button, you first need to have an addon installed properly. If there is no button, then you do not have any installed addons, or they are in the wrong folder. Addons should be placed in the addons folder, /interface/addons. If your addons are not in that folder, they will not be loaded when wow starts.

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The addon button in World of Warcraft will show up automatically if you have any addons installed in the /interface/addons/folder of your World of Warcraft directory. If you do not have any addons installed to this folder, then the button will not be there.

Note: The location of the addon folder can vary from system to system and OS to OS. If you are having trouble locating this folder, then you might want to search the official support forums for World of Warcraft (linked below).

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Curse gaming has most addons along with wowinterface. They are the two major sources for wow addons.

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Q: How do you get the add-on button on Wow?
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How do you make a visibilty macro on button forge for bear and cat forms?

Button forge is an addon, you would be better off going to the addon authors help site if he has one, or the wow forums. They will be better able to help you.

Is there a wow jepardy add-on?

the only jeapordy addon found is linked below to the Curse addon site. It adds some sounds for certain events.

How do you apply skada damge meter to your World of Warcraft account?

Download the addon. You can usually find this on the Curse Addons website (listed in the links). Save it. Then move it to your addon folder in your World of Warcraft folder. To find the folder go to your wow folder, then interface, and inside that should be addons. Next time you are at the character screen an addon button will be on the lower left.

What programs do you need to download an add-on for WoW?

In general all you need for downloading and using an addon are WoW itself and a web-browser to download the addon from a third party site like wowinterface or curse. That said, there are addon-control packages like the curse client, which allow you to download and update many addons from a central program.

How do you make an addon?

I would start by browsing the UI & Macros forum at the site in the related links. It is on the official wow forums and will give you a huge head-start in your addon development.

does an add on for wow get you banned?

No, most addons will not get you banned. The only things that addons are allowed to do in game are approved by Blizzard. If Blizzard does not want an addon to do something, they just make it so that addon can not do it.

How do you unlock experience bar in wow?

You will need an addon in order to move the experience bar. It is not a thing that you can do with out one.

How do you install wow addons?

Download a wow addon manager like wowmatrix. Google Wowmatrix --- Inside your World of Warcraft game folder you will find a folder called "Interface". Inside is a folder called "Addons". Addons provided on abovementioned websites usually come zipped, with the files in a folder with the addon's name. Simply copy this folder entirely into the "Addons" folder. Make sure to quit WoW and restart it. At your character selection screen, at the bottom right, is a button "Addons". Click it to see a list of addons you are using. Make sure all addons you want to use have a tick in the box, and that the box "Load out of Date Addons" is ticked, in case you installed an older addon. Log into your character, and the addon should now be active.

Why is the wow add-on timer buttons not showing the numbers?

There are a few possible reasons why the addon does not work as it should: 1) The addon has to be properly installed (in the WoW\Interface\Addons folder) and has to be checked in the list of addons under the "Addons" button at the character selection screen. 2) The addon might be out of date, since patches regularly break the functionality of existing addons. Download the latest version of the addon and install it. Also check if there's a red error message "Dependency Missing", which indicates it might need another addon installed and running to work. 3) Check if the configuration is done properly. Most addons have a console built-in, but you should also be able to access it via Escape -> Interface -> Addons. Make sure that it works properly and is set up as you want it. 4) Other addons might block the functionality. For instance, having another addon that replaces a frame this addon requires (such as button bars). Check on the webpage where you downloaded the addon if such is the case, there's usually also ways to fix it. If none of the above fixes the issue, try to contact the author of the addon through the webpage where you downloaded it. Usually there's an attached forum or comment boxes - here you can also tell the author of problems you are having, and may get an answer.

How do you make quest helper from curse work?

You need to put the addon in to your addon folder. The easiest way to do this is download the curse client (free) and then anytime you want a new addon just install it via the "Install VIA Curse Client" button.

Is it possible to install the upgrade from the trial?

No - all WoW addons require registration ($) and the previous addon: WotlK requires The Burning Crusade, The Burning Crusade requires a registered version of WoW.

What do you have to install or download to get questhelper version 1.1.8 off of

You need to put the addon in to your addon folder. The easiest way to do this is download the curse client (free) and then anytime you want a new addon just install it via the "Install VIA Curse Client" button