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In Dodongo's Cavern, after beating the lizards for a second time (Sorry I forgot their name), and shooting a few eye switches, in the next room, to the left of the door in front of you, is a chest. Open it, and congradulations! You just got a Bomb Bag!

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go to kakariko village then go up into death mountain notice a cave is being blocked by a rock if you have not destroyed it go up to goron city and find darunia he is in the lowest area you need zelda's lullaby and saria's song to get to him use the lullaby near the carpet near the door that is near the big statue thing then go up into darunia's room now get in front of him and play saria's song he will give you the goron bracelets go outside and find a bomb flower near the city pick it up and throw it down to enter dodongos cave go into the cave and go through here and find a big brown chest eventually and inside is the bomb bag.

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You have to go to The castle Market as a child. go to the bomchu Bowling ally. when you play... one of your prizes will be the biggist bomb bag. win to get it.

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You have to go to Dondogo's Cavern by Death Mountain.

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Q: How do you get the bomb bag in ocarina of time?
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How do you get a bomb bag on The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D?

I think the bomb bag is rewarded to you in a chest in dodongos cavern... you must complete that to get the bomb bag, therefore, you will not need bombs until you have gotten to the stage where dodongos cavern is.

How do you get bombs in ocarina of time I can't purchase them.?

You need to get the bomb bag first from the dodongos cavern which is the second dungeon in the game

Can't find out how to get my bomb bag in Zelda ocarina of time?

Its in the dondongos cavern in death mountain, right next to one of the doors on a ledge in a large treasure box.

Where do you find the bomb bag in legend of Zelda ocarina of time 3d?

From Beetle. He's flying in his hot air balloon, use the whistle on your train to get his his attention, and he'll land near you.

Where is the bomb in Ocarina of Time?

You get the bombs from Dodongo's Cavern in Death Mountain.

How do you hit the eyes on ocarina of time?

you mean beamos? throw a bomb at it

What do you do to the crack in the ground in the fire temple in the ocarina of time?

Bomb it, it will break.

Are there any stores in Zelda orcana of time that have bomb bags?

Unless I am very much mistaken, there are no stores that actually sell bomb bags. The reason for this is that you have to first learn how to use Bomb Flowers. This is just another puzzle in the game. However, in Dondongo's Cavern, you will get your own bomb bag -- this is the reward in that dungeon. This is only the second dungeon in Ocarina of Time, so you will have bombs for most of the game. After getting the bomb bag, you will be able to get bombs from the store -- or by simply mining them out of grass.

How do you get the bomb flowers out of the ground in ocarina of time?

do sairas song in front of big brother

How do you open Gorons shop in Zelda ocarina of time?

i think you use a bomb flower

How do you enter the boss room in dodongo cavern in zelda ocarina of time?

Put a bomb in the center of the room.

Is Zelda ocarina of time how do you get heart piece 05?

you place a bomb west of the castle near the lone tree