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To get the fifth badge in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen version you have to beat Koga. He uses poison type Pokémon.

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Where is the fifth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

The fifth badge in Pokemon FireRed is the Soul Badge. You can earn the Soul Badge by defeating the Gym Leader Koga in Fuchsia City.

What do you do after you get the fifth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

You go to Saffron City, go to the Silph Co., take out Giovanni, then beat Sabrina

How do you get the ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not possible to get a ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed. You can only get eight badges in Pokemon FireRed.

What city do you get the fifth badge on Pokemon FireRed?

The 5th gym is in saffron city and that is Sabrina the phychc type, if you didn't know that then you are a moron

Get fifth gym badge in red version?

the fifth badge is from Sabrina in Saffron City.

Where is the fifth badge in pokemom pearl?

The fith badge is the Hearthhome city badge.

What are the Kanto gymbadges in Pokemon FireRed?

The boulder badge, the cascade badge, the thunder badge, the rainbow badge, the soul badge, the marsh badge, the volcano badge and the earth badge.

What island is the forth badge on Pokemon firered?

island? the fourth badge is in celadon

What is Pokemon Red fifth badge?

In Pokemon Red, the fifth badge is possessed by the Poison-Type Koga. The badge is named Soul Badge. It lets you use Surf outside of Battle.

What is the seventh badge in firered?

The 7th badge is the volcano badge given by Blaine the cinnibar island gym leader.

Where do you get the marsh badge in Pokemon FireRed?

In the saffron city gym beat Sabrina to get the badge.

Where is the fifth badge?

The fifth badge is the Relic Badge won by defeating Fantina in the Hearthome City Gym. This gym is not available until the Old Charm is delivered to Celestic Town.

How do you get the sixth badge in FireRed?

You recieve the sixth badge after defeating Sabrina in the Saffron City gym.

Where is the eighth badge in FireRed?

The eighth badge can be obtained by defeating the gym leader in viridian city.

How do you get badge 5 in firered?

To get the fifth badge, you must first kick team rocket out of the sliph co. building. Otherwise, a team rocket grunt will block the door to the gym. Remember, Sabrina uses psychic-type pokemon, so be on your toes.

What is the third badge in FireRed?

it is the thunder badge you get it by beating Lt. surge. pokemon: voltrob pikachu raichu

What badge do you need to use strength in Pokemon FireRed?

You can use the move strength in Pokémon to move boulders. You can use strength in FireRed after getting the rainbow badge.

In which city do you get the fifth gym badge in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokémon Pearl, the fifth Gym Leader is Fantina so you can battle her for her Badge in Hearthome City.

How do you get the fifth badge in Pokemon Blue version?

You need to defeat Koga in Fuchsia City to get the 5th badge, the Soul Badge.

Where is 3rd badge FireRed?

I'm pretty sure in vermillion.

Where is the fourth Pokemon badge in FireRed?

The 4th pokemon badge is given by Erika the Celadon City Gym Leader.

What is the fifth badge in Pokemon pearl?

the fifth badge is in hearthome dumb*** maybe if you actually READ what the people say you would have known a long time ago

What is the fourth gym badge in FireRed?

the fourth gym is in celadon city at the bottom left of the city. the gym leader is erika. the badge is called the rainbow badge

Seventh badge FireRed?

To get the 7th gym badge, go to Viridian City and defeat the leader there, Giovanni. good luck

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