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Use the cursor-thing and place it at the very top.

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u go on your pokegear radio and u touch the top of the midlle globe and there u go

its one of the radio stations in your pokegear. it says pokeflute

put the flute channel in the radio in your pokegear

Everyday just drag the dot to the the very top of the radio on the pokegear

you already have your flute its the pokegear take the button with your stylus up to the top it get poke flute theme

In Pokemon heartgold, if you are in the kanto region, you can use the pokeflute. Just be right beside snorlax, go to pokegear, go to radio, and move the circle to the very top of the radio graph

You have to get the Poke Flute Channel for your Pokegear in Lavender Radio Tower in Lavender Town.

It's on the pokegear in the kanto regeon.

Poke Flute Just a radio channel that only Kant uses Black Flute Repels wild Pokemon White Flute Attracts wild Pokemon Blue Flute Awakens a sleeping Pokemon Yellow Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Confusion Red Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Infatuation

Go to your pokegear radio, and there is a circle, move it to the top of your radio. The poke flute is actually a hidden channel, I'm serious.

first you have to have goten the machine part and have goten the expanchen pack at the radio tower, go to where the snorlax is then open your pokegear go to the picture with a hammer and wrench click it and switch it to 5 then go to radio on the pokegear and go to the top star and there will be a hidden channel called poke flute then press a on the snorlax and boom.

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the White Flute in Route 47 in the Johto region.

Set your pokegear to the colour blue. Now you can see the lines on the radio channel. Go to the middle line, and move the circle to the top. The channel should now be playing pokeflute. Exit the pokegear without changing channels or screen, and pokeflute will be playing in the background. Talk to the snorlax, and it will wake up.

You have to have defeated team rocket in lavender town and if there isn't any team rocket just talk to the man with the brown hat and suit and he will give you an upgrade to your pokegear in the music part. You have to be in Kanto to make it work. Then go to the top part of the music circle in your pokegear it will play poke flute music.

You cannot get the Azure Flute in HeartGold. The Azure Flute is only capable of being used in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. The Azure Flute can only be obtained by an event of some sort in Diamond and Pearl.

there is no pokeflute in heart gold. to wake up snorlax use the pokeflute channel on the radio

You need to use the Poke Flute in the Pokegear in the radio.

You can't really find the poke flute but its on your radio on your pokegear its a secret channel that you have to go all the way up on to get the station

Go to the radio tower in the kento region, and after getting that radio card, move your tuner for you pokegear to the very top of the tuning place, and you'll find the pokeflute channel. It's only available in the kneto region, but if you go in the game corner in goldenrod city, with the volt orb game, you can get the pokeflute channel there, too.

The PokeFlute is used to awaken Snorlax.

Go to youtube and put it. if not then go to your pokegear, go to settings and put one, and go to radio, and if you put the circle thing on top line you and search for it on that line ull find it

if im not mistaken pewter city is with brock... you go to Vermillion City and go to Route 11 there is a Snorlax in the way go to your Pokegear radio and pull the circle thing to the top and you should see Pokemon flute

It makes wild Pokemon appear more often :( or :)