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you find every single Pokemon and then you go to her and then you ask twice and she will gve you three moon stones, five fire, and two sun.

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Q: How do you get the gems for celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What can you do after giving the gems to celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can go and catch mewtwo

Who is celio in pokemon leafgreen?

Hes bills friend on island 1

How do you get to all islands on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You find the ruby and give it to celio

Where is celio on island one in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Celio is the man standing right by the giant machine in the One Island Pokemon Center you can't miss him.

Where is celio on pokemon leafgreen?

celio is on the first island you can go there after you win at the cinabar gym, bill will be wating for you outside the gym

Where is celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

He is on 1 island in the Pokemon center building in front of the huge machine

What do you do with the ruby in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You also find the sapphire and give them both to Celio.

How do you get celio to ask you to find the ruby on Pokemon LeafGreen?

beat the elite four

Where is ruin valley in pokemon leafgreen?

to get to ruin valley on Pokemon leafgreen you have to get the ruby in mt. Ember and bring it back to celio then go to six island

How do you get the gems that cello needs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you must catch 60 Pokemon

Where are the other gems in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there are only a ruby and saphire.

Do you need the two gems in Pokemon LeafGreen to get Mewtwo?

No You don't.

How do you get both gems to fix the network machine in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well you need to beat the elite 4 and then once you go back to island 1, i think celio will be waiting for you or you have to go into his big Pokemon center and talk to him... then he will tell you where he thinks the two gems are on the other islands. I hope this helped=D

Where are the gems for celio Pokemon leaf?

the ruby on 1 island and Sapphire on 2,3,or 4 island

Where is team rocket warhouse in Pokemon LeafGreen?

On five island you need to have given the ruby to celio to get there.

Where do you find celio in pokemon leafgreen?

you find him on one island in a building with a pokeball on it and a red roof.

What can you do after getting the gems for celio in FireRed?

Fight Mewtwo in cerulean city, and catch the roaming dog Pokemon

How can you get the ticket in island 4 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you get it by finding the ruby in mount ember and giving it to celio in the pokecenter

Where is celio LeafGreen?

He is in the one island Pokemon center he's the guy with the glasses near the big machine.

How do you get six island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

beet the elite 4 talk to celio and then you can go to all the islands

Is there a second league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nope, there's only one. In case you didn't know this, after you've done the stuff for celio on the sevii islands (getting the gems), then you can go back and re-challenge the elite four. They have different Pokemon and are a bit stronger than before.

How do you know that Suicune was release Pokemon LeafGreen?

Suicune will appear after becoming pokemon champion and delivering the Ruby and Sapphire to Celio in One Island.

How would you know that Suicune was released in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Suicune will appear after becoming pokemon champion and delivering the Ruby and Sapphire to Celio in One Island.

What do you need to do to get to island 4567 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need the rainbow pass to get there. That means you must help Celio finish his machine.

Where do you find dootted holl in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can find it at the six island after you get a rainbow ticket from Celio when you give him the ruby from mt.ember when you catch 60 or more pokemon.