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How do you get the gibdo mask?

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Save the father in the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon. Before you can do that, you must have the Song of Storms. Play it to Sharp (the composer brother) in the cave at the back of the canyon where he is. The Music Box House will be activated and the Gibdos will get away from it. Now you can go inside but you must sneak inside or Pamela (the girl playing outside) will lock the door. When you're inside, go downstairs and use the Song of Healing when you find her dad in the cupboard. You will get the gibdo mask afterward.

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In which Legend of Zelda games is there a half-gibdo?

In The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask, You can find a hlaf man, half gibdo at the top of Ikana Canyon. He i located inside the house. To get inside, plant a bomb at the door and wait for the girl (Pam) to come out. When she is far enough away, quickly go inside the house. Go in the basement and go to the casket. Out pops Pams father, the half gibdo, half man (The mando?) Heal him with the song of healing. This gives you the gibdo mask.

Zelda what is in the chest at gordo valley?

if you mean Gibdo vally in Majoa's mask, then under the well

How do you do well in ikania in Zelda majoras mask?

Use the gibdo mask to pose as a gibdo and talk to each one they ask for certain items they are: Blue potion, Spring water, Magic beans, Deku nuts, Bugs, Fish, Hot spring water, Big poe ghost, Milk, Bombs.

What are the masks in majoras mask?

There are the transformation Masks in Majora's Mask: Deku Scub Goron Zora and Fierce Deity Link Then, the normal masks are: 1. Postman's Hat 2. All-Night Mask 3. Bunny Hood 4. Bomb Mask 5. The Circus Leader's Mask 6. The Romani Mask 7. The Mask of Truth 8. Kamero Mask 9. The Giants Mask 10. The Breman Mask 11. The Mask of Scents 12. The Great Fairy Mask 13. Keaton Mask 14. The Don Gero Mask 15. The Garo Mask 16. The Captains Hat 17. Couples Mask 18. Mask of Kafei 19. Stone Mask 20. Gibdo Mask

How do you get the Mirror Shield in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

You get it in Ikana's well, you need the Gibdo Mask to talk to each Gibdo and individually give each of them the Item that they ask for to open each door, once you reach the end you have to light four Torches and a chest will appear with the Mirror Shield.In the desert, play the song of storms for the ghost in the cave (follow the trail where it looks like a river used to be) the re-deads outside the little girls house will die and she'll come out. wait for her to go to go to the well and go inside her house. Go to the basement and play the song of healing to her father so you get the mummie mask. Go to the well (make sure you have bottles) and wear the mummie mask, talk to the re-deads and get what they want (it will be in a riddle form), when you get to the end of the cave you'll get the mirror sheild. :)

Where do you get the gibdo mask in the legend of Zelda majoras mask?

In the Music Box House, which is only accessible after playing the Song of Storms to the Composer Brother in the cave near it. This will wash away all the Gibdos outside. Try and talk to the little girl outside the house and she will rush in; follow her. Go downstairs and open the cupboard, and as soon as the girl's dad comes out, play the Song of Healing.

How do you get the Gibdo Mask in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

Remember the song of storms (wear the captain's mask on the night of the first day, and talk to the Ikana warriors in the graveyard, open the grave, and the rest is self explanitory)Play the song of storms to sharp (the ghost at the source of the river)Watch the cutsceneWait fo the little girl to leave the music box house (keep an eye on the door)Sneak insidego down the stairsApproach the closet at the far end of the roomSURPRISE!Quickly play the song of healing.There you have it!

How do you get gibdo's mask in Majora's Mask?

Well, You Will Have To Go Through A Chain Reaction. Requirement: Song Of Storms Reverse Song Of Time ( To Give You More Time ) Song Of Healing Garo's Mask ( In Case Tatl Senses A Garo ) Stone Mask ( To make The Little Girl Not See You ) Go To Ikana Canyon And Head Towards The music Box House. 4 Gibdos Will Be Circling It. Sneak Past Them And Enter The cave Above And Behind The House. There Will Be A Deadly Pond In Here. Walk Towards It Until A Cutscene Occurs. A Poe Will Appear And Will Raise The Deadly Water To Make You Dead. Play The Song Of Storms Quickly And Then The Poe's Curse Will Be Broken And The water Will Rise ( It's Clean Now Yay! ), Making The River Flow Again, To Power The Waterwheel, Making The Music Box Play A Happy Tune, Strangely Making The Gibdo's Disappear. The Poe Will Appear Again, Forgiving his Brother Flat. He Will Then Disappear, Letting You Live. Walk Out With The stone mask On. A little Girl Will Be Gazing At The River, So Sneak By With Your mask On Into The House. To Downstairs. There Will Be A Closet. ( This Part Made Me Scared The First Time I Played ) Go Close To It. A Cursed Man Will Suddenly Appear To Mummify You, So Then Quickly Play The Song Of Healing. After He Got Cured And The Little Girl And the Dad Reunite Happily, You Will Obtain The Gibdo's Mask! ( Although It Won't Change You To A Gibdo, A ReDead Or Gibdo Will Think Your One Of Them Anyway ( ReDeads Dance When You Have The Gibdo's Mask On Around Them ) And Also, You Can Talk To Gibdo's. You Can Even attack them And They Will Not Do A Thing About It. SWEETNESS! )

How do you get the cafe mask in majoras mask?

There is no mask titled 'Cafe Mask' in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Can you get Majora's Mask in the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

No you can not Obtain Majora's Mask because the Mask belongs to The Happy Mask Salesman and You Promised to return the Mask to him.

What is the triple mask?

There is no mask titled 'Triple Mask' in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.

What is all the masks in lendary of Zelda majora's mask?

1. Deku Mask 2. Bremen Mask 3. Great Fairy Mask 4. Bunny Hood 5. Mask of Scents 6. Goron Mask 7. Romani's Mask 8. Kamaro's Mask 9. Blast Mask 10. Kafei's Mask 11. Captain's Hat12. Mask of Truth 13. All Night Mask 14. Stone Maske 15. Keaton Mask 16. Don Gero's Mask 17. Zora Mask 18. Garo's Mask 19. Postman's Hat20. Circus Leader's Mask 21. Couple's Mask 22. Gibo Mask 23. Giant's Mask 24. Fierce Diety Mask

Can you obtain Majoras mask in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

No you can not Obtain Majora's Mask because the Mask belongs to The Happy Mask Salesman and You Promised to return the Mask to him.

Is it possible to get Majora's mask in the legend of Zelda Majora's mask?

No you can not Obtain Majora's Mask because the Mask belongs to The Happy Mask Salesman and You Promised to return the Mask to him.

What is mask in Welsh?

'a mask' is mwgwd; 'to mask' is mygydu or cuddio.

Who played the evil mask in the film The Mask?

In the 1994 film "The Mask" Jim Carrey played Stanley Ipkiss, The Mask, and the evil version of The Mask. His part as the evil mask was uncredited.

What do you need to give each gidbo in majora's mask to get the mirror shield?

I believe you need a fish in a bottle which you can get from the stock-pot-in kitchen, as many deku nuts as you can carry (i don't know how many so get the max amount) and i think to be safe, bring 20 regular bombs. Tell me how it goes, and of course, the gibdo mask- ONLY READ BELOW IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CAPTAIN'S HAT, GARO MASK, GIBDO MASK, AND THE SONG OF STORMS!!! You need the garo mask from beating the gorman bros. in a race to go to ikana canyon, and a hookshot. First race skull keeta at the ikana 'boneyard' with the sonata of awakening and shoot him with regular arrows to slow him. i'd recommend the gilded sword (beat goron races) so you can kill stalchilds in 1 hit, and keep z-target bow shooting the big dude and go far enough, and you will fight. beat him and claim the mask-hat. go at night and find the graves that the stalchilds are guarding and go into it by commanding them to dig it up. kill the millions of bats in there and light the three torches (use fire arrow on one and the rest use a deku stick, cuz they're hard to see) and go on. you see an iron knuckle (USE Z TARGETING AND HIT HIM ONCE AND RUN THE HELL AWAY until his armor comes off then he's way faster) and get the song of storms. go to ikana where the redeads/gibdos are and go north to find the poe's brother, shrap. play the new song of storms and a weird thing goes on. then hide behind the house and wait for the girl to go to the well and sneak into the house and go downstairs. play the song of healing (don't shoot him with an arrow just because you think he's gonna rape you) but do it quick, the girl will come back soon. you get the gibdo mask and then you can go to the well and talk to the zombies. Hope i helped!

What are the release dates for A Mask for Me a Mask for You - 1967?

A Mask for Me a Mask for You - 1967 was released on: USA: 1967

What is behind Kakashi's mask?

Behind kakashi's mask is another mask.

Where do you find the mask on shark tooth island?

Mask? What mask? There is no mask that you have to find in Shark Tooth Island, Poptropica.

How do you get the mask from Mayor Detour on majora's mask?

You never get a mask from Mayor Dotour. You get a mask from his wife, though, in the room next to his.

What do you do with the circus leader's mask in Majora's Mask?

Go talk to the two brothers on the farm with the crying mask and they will give you a mask

What are the rules of mask work?

Never put on your mask in front of the audience Do not touch your mask once you have put it on Do not talk with the mask on

Who is who in the nija turtles?

Rafael is the red mask; Mikey is orange mask; Leonardo is in blue mask and Donatelo is in the purple mask.

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