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Q: How do you get the key for luigi in luigi's mansion in super Mario 64 ds?
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How do you get luigis mansion for day in Mario super sluggers for the Wii?

you dont get luigi mansion in the day

What was Luigi's first Game?

The vety first one was super mario bros. The one starring luigi was luigis mansion

Is there a Mario game called super luigi?

mario is luigis bro

Super Mario slugglers dark forest?

silly! its Luigis mansion

How do you unlock luigi mansion in Mario super sluggers?

You go to marios island and go to the piantas shop and purchas Luigis flashlight then you Luigis mansion will appear on the map but you can't enter it in the day time. you have to switch it to night to play on it.

Is Luigi's mansion in Super Mario 64?

video gamers say that the mansion in sm64 is not luigi's mansion but it actually is.

How do you get luigi's mansion on mairo super slugers?

Buy Luigi's Flashlight in Mario Stadium

How do you get Luigi's mansion on Mario super sluggers?

you go to marios island and go to the piantas shop and purchas luigis flashlight then you luigis mansion will appear on the map but you cannot enter it in the day time. you have to switch it to night time to enter then a secret shop notice appears but shh its a secret.

Is luigis mansion a prequil of super mairo sun shine?

no the company just wanted to make a game based on luigi

Is Super Mario galaxy on ds?

No. There are 4 Mario games on DS, New Super Mario Bros, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and Super Mario 64 DS and Mario and luigi:bowsers inside story. there is also Mario vs donkey kong 1 and 2 + luigis mansion and some others (answer improved by MasterBallPlease:))

What is the best Mario game on the GameCube?

In my opinion, its Super Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion.

How do you get into Luigis painting?

if your talking about super Mario 64 ds there are 2 luigi paintings (1 in the castle and 1 in boo's mansion) the 1 in the castle is fake and the 1 in boo's mansion is the reals one that u can enter by jumping into it.

How do you unlock Luigi's Mansion in Mario Super Sluggers?

You need to buy Luigi's Flashlight in Mario's Stadium shop and it has to be night.

Can you be Mario on the game luigi's mansion?

No. This was the only Mario game where only Luigi was playable (besides Super Princess Peach)

What is luigis opposite in Super Mario?


What Mario games are coming out in 2011?

there is going to be a super Mario galaxy 3, a Mario kart that has monster trucks,luigis mansion 2,Mario and luigi:wario trouble, and the exciting one is super Mario xtreme

How do you play as luigi in super Mario 64 ds?

Its Simple Go To The Ghost Mansion And Try To Find A Painting With Luigi On It

What is luigis last name?

its is Mario as in the super Mario brothers. hi um no its really not that would make no sense Hey im luigis #1 fan and you're wrong Luigis and Marios last name is Gonzales so it's Luigi Gonzales and Mario Gonzales have a nice day!

Who is Luigi's arch enemy?

It is probably King Boo because not ony did Luigi defeat him in "Luigi's Mansion", Luigi was captured by him in "Super Mario 64 DS".

How do you unlock Luigi's Mansion in the daytime on Mario Super Sluggers?

You can't it only works at night

Is Luigi's Mansion a prequel or sequel?

Neither. It is believed to be a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine because the first time Mario and King Boo meet is in that game. In Luigi's Mansion, King Boo says he is getting revenge on Mario.

Does Luigi's Mansion come before or after super Mario sunshine?

no, its not a sequil or a prequil, they just wanted to make a game based on luigi

How do you free luigi in super Mario 64 ds?

its in boos mansion go in the ROOM with the ? block with Mario then float up to the next room and the painting will be in there to rescue luigi

How do you become Luigi in super Mario 64 DS?

Defeat King boo in the mansion ad get the "L" key then insert it into the luigi door

In Super Mario 64 how do you get luigi?

luigi is not in super Mario 64 but if you have the ds version you unlock him by going to the castle courtyard ground pounding the big boo and jumping into the cage that the boo had.once you go to that world go into the mansion and get on the second one of the rooms there is a luigi painting and after that try to find king boo then defeat him by ground pounding him three times then you will get the luigi key.go back to the character selection room go to luigis room and you got luigi.butyou cant use Yoshi because he has no power and cant get to the mansion or beat king boo