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How do you get the liberty pass after the second gym battle in Pokemon FireRed?


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there is no liberty pass in fire red instead there is a ferry pass .......

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You must train a larvitar to level 55 to get a tyranitar. Your rival has one when you battle him a second time.

you don't get a second ruby you get a sapphire

there is only one masterball

There is no second master ball in any game.

Yes, if you breed it at the Day Care.

It's on the second floor of the pokemon center.

You will battle him the second time you defeat the Pokemon league.

Finish your Pokedex And Beat The Elite Four once then the second time they have stronger Pokemon

go and search where is the rube and Sapphire fire red

You can trade from firered version on second floor of the Pokemon center after you get the pokedex.

You only have one rival (or do you mean the second time you battle your rival?)

get Pokemon to level 20 then go to the Pokemon center heal your Pokemon the it will learn cut after you defeat the second gym leader

You receive the password from a scientist in dotted hole after he steals the sapphire from you.

You go to the deperment store in Celadon city on second floor.

no, if you killed it or ran away then tough luck

you can find them at route 205 and valley windworks, while having pokemon firered in your second slot.

You can only get Rayquaza in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. If you want to get a Rayquaza in Pokemon Leafgreen or Firered, you will have to get a second Game Boy Advance or SP with a link cable to trade Rayquaza into your firered or leafgreen.

Just In the second door upstairs the Pokemon center.Answerwhen you give the ruby and sapphire to Celio AnswerYou need to give the blue and red stones to Celio on island one in Pokemon FireRed and in Emerald you need to have beaten the champion and elite four.

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