The Legend of Zelda

How do you get the light house to light up on windfall island in ledgend of Zelda the wind waker?


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you need to make the windmill spin. to make it spin go around it, you'll find a latter go up press the button. go in the game room, go up stairs go out then you'll be on top. Ok listen carefully I am telling you now you need a bow and arrow, the wind waker, and fire arrows. You get the bow and arrow from the tower of the gods, the wind waker when you first set foot on dragon roost island and the fire arrows is a little more long. Sail to mother and child isle and get stuck in the cyclone. Before you get suck into the center shoot the wind god three times. He will be surprized someone saw him and will reward you with another conduction for the wind waker which will let you use the cyclone the transport on the sea. Play it then good to the place were the marker is on. You will be at a special fairly fountain bigger and or beautiful than the others. There you will meet the queen of all fairies. She will upgrade your bow to shoot fire and ice arrows. Go back to windfall island and at night ride the giant wheel until you get a clear shot of the wood in the light house. Shoot that wood and the light house will come on and something good will happen.