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1 cup of ammonia in the wash (make sure u don't use any bleach) I find it takes almost any smell out of clothes

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Q: How do you get the mildew smell off of shirts?
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What is the fine white powder in book pages. The books do not smell musty. Is it mold Can it be cleaned off and be safe for usage?

The fine white powder in book pages is mildew, not mold. Mildew may not cause the books to smell musty. It can be cleaned off and be safe for usage by cleaning the mildew pages with a soft brush. Apply a small amount of denatured alcohol to a soft cloth and carefully treat the affected pages.

Why does my car smell?

Depends on what the smell is? Can be many things including mildew or mold in the HVAC system.

What might a musty smell indicate the presence of?

It can be a sign of mildew or mold.

How can you remove mildew smell from a wooden high chair?

Get a new one.

How do you get mildew off a deer skull?

boil it

What would you hear and smell inside a cave?

probably hear bats and water dripping off stalactites. probably smell bat gauno and depending where you are maybe limestone,mildew,and other funky things. o and it would probably be cold

Can you get worn shirts from famous people that have there smell?

yes you can

How do you fix mildew smell coming from vents on a 2000 Cadillac Deville?

change the cabin filters

Why do laundry baskets have the holes in the sides of them?

The holes allow the smell to escape and so the clothes will not mildew.

Why would the outside of your fridge smell like poo?

Mildew or other fungus growing underneath it.

Is dry carpet cleaning better?

The mildew smell is probably from your carpet not drying. Shampoo the carpet again using a product that removes mildew, making sure that you remove as much woisture as you can.

How do you remove mildew off records?

you use urine