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How do you get the other Lati in Pokemon Emerald?

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To get the other Lati (Latios or Latias), Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You can then get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose.

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How do you get both latis on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to catch one in emerald after the elite four in Pokemon emerald and you have to trade the other lati from Pokemon sapphire or ruby.

Where can you catch the other lati in Pokemon emerald without an eon ticket?

You cannot get the other lati without an eon ticket unless you trade with another trainer.

What are the events in Pokemon Emerald?

catching Deoxys Jirachi Ho-oh Lugia Mew the other lati

How do you catch the other lati in Pokemon emerald?

you hafe to get at of the entora cave and go in the nearest tall grass

Can you get latios if you alredy have latias on Pokemon emerald?

Yes Austin41440. You need the Eon Ticket from a live event. Now you can challenge and catch the other Lati.

What is in the southern island Pokemon emerald?

The Southern Island is the place you find the other Lati. You can go ther after you mix records with a R/S version that has the Eon Ticket.

Is latios or latias most likely found in or near the sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

In Emerald, Lati@s is found roaming Hoenn. You have to choose which you get by telling your mom Red/Blue after you beat the Elite Four. They aren't found in/ near the Sky Pillar. You check where the Lati is by checking your PokeDex. The Lati you didn't choose will be on Southern Island.

What is the list off all lengendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Regirock Regice Registeel Kyogre Groundon Rayquaza Latias/Latios Other 'Lati' Pokemon, Deoxys, Ho-oh, Lugia And Mew Obtained Through Nintendo Event

How do you complete your Hoenn pokedex in Pokemon Emerald?

To complete your whole pokedex you need to battle all trainers and the elite four. _________ AND you have to get the eon ticket or trade with a friend to get the other lati and the other starters... its REALLY hard

Where do you find both latios and latius in Pokemon emerald?

first its latias. when u complete the game u will be in your room go downstairs and choose the colour that is the lati u will get so to get the other you have 2trade

How do you get lati?

you get latios on Pokemon ruby, latias on Pokemon sapphire!!

Where do you get souldew in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get the souldew through the eniga stone event, along with the other lati.

What lati do you get to catch in Pokemon sapphire?


How do you get 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

if you have Pokemon sapphire or ruby then you can trade the other two over to emerald

Pokemon Ruby eon ticket?

The Eon Ticket was an event item that was given out as an Mystery Gift. It allowed access to Southern Island for the other Lati Pokemon. Unfortunately, the Eon Ticket is no longer available for Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald, and a cheating device like the Action Replay or GameShark is required.

What ball to use to catch latioslatias?

save your master ball for roaming Pokemon like lati@s or any other roaming Pokemon.

How do you catch opponents Pokemon on emerald?

You can't catch or obtain other trainers Pokemon in emerald.

How do you get the other Lati on northern island?

First of all It's the Southern Island and You have to have ruby or Sapphire as well. Trade an Eon Ticket from Ruby or Sapphire to Emerald. Now Go to the S.S Tidal and Flash the Eon Ticket and Go to the Southern Island to catch the other Lati.

Do you get to other regions in Pokemon Emerald?

No, you cannot go to other regions in Pokémon Emerald.

What are the tickets on Pokemon Emerald?

you need to go to a Nintendo event to get them are mix records with ruby or sapphire that have them. they are used for capturing mew,lugia,ho-oh,deoxys,etc. and the other lati@s that you didn't choose after you beat the elite 4

What legendary can catch in Pokemon Emerald?

You can capture Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre (2 of them to be specific), Latios/Latias (after beating the Pokemon league choosing blue or red after watching TV determines what Lati you get).

Do you have to catch all 200 Pokemon on emerald to get one of the other starter Pokemon?

No you just need to SEE all the Pokemon in emerald pokedex

What other Pokemon can you trade in emerald?


When steven stone is in the pewter museum what do you do?

The only purpose of him being there is to activate the second Lati Pokemon event. You have to bring him the Enigma Stone, and then show it to the museum attendant, and then you will find the other Lati in Pewter City available for battle.

How do you get the other lati on Pokemon emerald?

well you get one and then there is a cheat to steal the other one from the battle is risky.go and drop off all your poken in your party at the PC then go to the battle frontier and choose the 3 Pokemon youll use then wen it says yes click that while holding the L button it takes you to the lobby and then not sure if the other lati is there but that is a way to get level 100 Pokemon without haveing to level them up that's wat some guy said on youtube acually to do that you have to have a gameshark and have the teleportation cheat activated that's the only way that will work sorry