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How do you get the second password to Rocket Warehouse in Pokemon?

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Second Rocket Warehouse PasswordOk first get a Pokemon that knows cut and surf. then go to the dotted hole in the ruin vally. watch out, there are alot of trainers with rock Pokemon, they are in the lv40 to lv55. just use the hm surf on them. After all of that use cut on the door. go down throgh the hole. then you should see 4 holes and some braille. first go up then left then right, then down. if you mess up you have to do it all over again. then you see the sappire. press A on the sappire. a scientist will drop out of no were take the sappire and tell you the seacond code. the scientist is fron team rocket. go to 5 island and go in the warehouse.take with you the same Pokemon you used to beat the elite 4 because there may not be many rockets there but there admins are hard.
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What is the second password to the rocket warehouse on Pokemon FireRed?

The password is: "Yes, nah, CHANSEY."

What is the second password to get into the Team Rocket warehouse?

slowpoke tail

What is the second password to get into the warehouse of Team Rocket in Pokemon?

im not sure off the top of my head what the passwords are but you have to ask the team rocket members after you defeat them in a Pokemon battle and that's how you get the passwords

What is the second password for the team rocket warehouse?

The answer is " Yes nuh Chansey"

Where are the two password in rocket warehouse of Pokemon fire red?

The first password you will get from 2 team rocket grunts at mt ember (after you get national dex). Second is in dotted hole at island 6 when the man working for team rocket who meets you near the sapphire

Where do you get the second passcode for the rocket warehouse?

After battling against all the rockets in the room where you get the first password, talk to all of them and one will have the password.

Where do i get the second password on island six?

just apply cut on the dotted cave on island six and go down ... then a rocket scientist come and take your gem and give you rocket warehouse password... then go to warehouse and fight to all....

How do you find the second password in Pokemon Firered?

to get the second password for the warehouse, you need to go in to the dotted cave in island 5. and the pattern of the holles are forward,left,right. to amazement you find the sapphire, then some random guy takes it and says that he is gong to sell it to team rocket then tells you the second password

Where is the 2nd team rocket hideout password?

The second password needed to gain access into the Rocket Warehouse is obtained by finding the Sapphire gem in Dotted Hole. Once found, a scientist named Gideon will steal the gem, but also reveal the second password. The second password is "Yes, nah, Chansey" which is a palindrome.

Where do you get the second password for team rockets warehouse on Pokemon firered?

you need to have gotten the ruby.then you must open the dotted hole on six island using cut. then you go to the top hole, then left, right, and down, in that order. when you try to grab the sapphire, a geek comes up and steals it, then gives you the second password to get into the rocket warehouse.You must go to the Dotted Hole on Six Island. You will receive the password from a Rocket Scientist in the Sapphire room.

Where can i find the second password for team rocket's hideout?

The second password for the Team Rocket Warehouse is found at the bottom of the Dotted Hole around Island Six. Solve the maze inside the Dotted Hole until you see the Sapphire gem. Once you pursue the Team Rocket Scientist who nabs the gem back to the Warehouse, use the password he gave you at the Dotted Hole to get inside.

What is in the rocket warehouse in Pokemon FireRed?

the sapphire is in the warehouse and to find the second code go to the dotted hole and use cut on the door, hope this helps

How do you get the sapphire in fire-red after the guy from team rocket gets it?

That's simple, he gives you the second password to get into the Rocket Warehouse, which you go back to after he takes the sapphire, then you beat the warehouse and the same guy who stolled the sapphire will give it to you.

How do you get the second password for Rocket Tower on Pokemon Leaf Green?

Answerto get the second password, you go to six island, and go to the dotted hole south of the island. At the end a dude will steal the sapphire your trying to get and tell you the second password. Then head to the rocket hideoutthanks i was stuck

How do you get the password for FireRed Pokemon?

ok first u must go to the island were you here the to rocket members talking to get the first password then go to the rocket hideout they talk about and use cut on the door to get the second password

Get the second password for the rocket warehouse on firered version?

the dotted hole in ruin valley. to get in, use cut. to read the signs, look up braille .

How do you get the second password for Rocket Tower on Pokemon fire red?

first you go into the dotted hole on island 6 and then you go to the bottom of the cave and you will see the Sapphire and then some guy will take it in exchange for the second rocket password and then you go to the rocket warehouse and battle the guy who took the Sapphire from you and then he will give you the Sapphire and you give it to Celio [island 1] and then you get to go into the cerulean cave and you can get mewto[lv70] sorry it was so long,written by george cloney101

What is the second code on Pokemon LeafGreen at team rocket warehouse?

i think its yes nah chansey and you get it in the dotted hole in island six

How do you get the two password of the rocket warehouse?

the first half you'll get at mt.ember when you over hear a conversation by 2 rocket grunts. the second half you'll get in the dotted hole in 6 island by a guy who works for team rocket near the saphire.

What are the first and second passwords for rocket warehouse for Pokemon fire red?

Goldeen and chansey are the answers but it wont matter unless your character knows it.

How do you get the second password for the team rocket base in Pokemon Soul Silver?

after beating the team rocket executive the murkrow knows the answer and you need to follow it through the base to the door

Where is the 2nd password to the rocket warehouse?

The second password is: "Yes, nah, Chansey". It can be found on Six Island Upon arriving head north into the Water Path, the go through the Green Path and after that, the Pattern Bush. Once you've exitted the Pattern Bush, surf north till you reach the Alternating Cave. Battle the Rocket member that is blocking the entrance for the second password.

A walk through for the team rocket second password for warehouse?

On island 7 go to the the door that won't open. make your Pokemon use cut. the door will open. go up, left, down, right. a man will steal the Sapphire, but give you the second password for team rocket. go to team rocket warehouse. go in. this is a maze (it took me around ten minets to figure it out so just think and you will be fine) you will have to battle three grunts, after you defeat the girl grunt she will make it so you can leave and come in easy. then you battle a admin and sientist. got sipphire

How do you get throw the rocket warehouse to get the sapphire in Pokemon fire red?

First you go to the dotted hole on six island and get the ruby. Then a scientist will take it and give you the second password to the team rocket base, then go to five island to the team rocket base. Go threw it and find the scientist, u must battle him. after u beat him he will give it back.

Second password in Pokemon FireRed?

Once you obtain the Sapphire in Dotted Hole a scientist will take it from you then tell you the 2nd password for the Rocket Warehous which is Yes nah Chansey.