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If you have a GameShark or a action replay use it to get a sapphire or it to fire red(only fire red).this cheat will not work if you don't trade it into fire can't use acion replay or gameshark to get a ho-oh in fire red because it won't work and you can't get to rainbow island. go to ninth and turn off.turn back on.battle 25 wild pokemon. save and turn off,don't play for 24hours(if you don't save the cheat will not work)if you turn on before 24 hours the cheat won't work.turn on after 24 hours. look around see if there is a opening.if you see water in the opening,the cheat worked.dive.and you will see an item,pick it up and it will say you obtained the ticket.go to the ferry.and she will say i am taking you to rainbow island.and good luck searching because you might find shiny pokemon. i guanreete it will work. i did it. it worked~ it is already programed on.

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Q: How do you get the ticket to Rainbow Island in Pokemon?
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How do you get raimbow ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no "Rainbow Island", just a Rainbow Pass. You can get the Rainbow Pass from Celio after you find the Ruby on One Island.

How do you get to 8 and 9 Island in Pokemon FireRed?

you need a ticket not a rainbow or tri

How do you catch doexys Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to get an mystery event to get a ticket called an Aura ticket. That will take you to Orange Island 9 (or rainbow island - same thing).

How do you get on 8 and 9 island in Pokemon FireRed?

get a mystic ticket or something related to a pass or ticket. [ not rainbow passor tri- pass].

How do you get the ticket from oak after you catch 60 Pokemon?

You get the rainbow ticket from CELIO on One island after you reciebed the national pokedex from Prof Oak.

How do you catch the rainbow ticket in Pokemon firered?

beat the Pokemon league and go to one island and talk to celio he will give it to you

How you get the rainbow pass in Pokemon ruby?

do u mean rainbow ticket? Cuz there is no rainbow pass in pkm ruby rainbow ticket can only get by nintendo event

How do you unlock the other island in Pokemon Fire Red?

Go to island 1 capture a Geodude then show it to professor Oak. He then says the amount of Pokemon you caught if its 100 Pokemon then he will give you the ticket to access to the other islands.AnswerYou have to battle the elite 4 with your starter Pokemon lv 49 successfully and you will get a ticket to rainbow island (8th island and 9th island) or get a ticket in mystery gift or link Nintendo wfc. I lied

How do you get the ticket to four island in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to get the ruby in one island and give it to celio and he will give you the rainbow pass so can go to all the seven islands

How do you get to 4 Island in Pokemon?

You have to get the Rainbow Pass to get to 4 Island in Pokemon.

Where do you find dootted holl in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can find it at the six island after you get a rainbow ticket from Celio when you give him the ruby from mt.ember when you catch 60 or more pokemon.

How do you get the Mystic ticket on Pokemon Fire Red?

on rainbow island 17 talk to the proffeser he will give you a choice of entei,raikou or suicune

Where do you get the sapphire on LeafGreen Pokemon?

rainbow island

How do you get to the 1st island on Pokemon Red?

You have to have a rainbow pass

How do you get to four island in Pokemon FireRed?

You must get a mystic ticket by going to a poke-mart and answering the questionnaire the answer for the questionnaire is "Link Together With All". Then you must download the mystic ticket with a wireless adapter. I thought four island was included in the rainbow pass (Dzhx)

Is rainbow island 1 2 3 4 5 6 or 7 on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Rainbow island doesn't exist.

How you go to island 6 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to get a rainbow pass

How do you get rainbow island 8 and 9 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to have passes

How do you get the ticket to island 5 6 and 7 in Pokemon fire red?

4 5 6 7 you mean well get the ruby then give it to celio then he gives you the rainbow pass

How do you get to southern island in Pokemon Sapphire?

get an Eon ticket!!

How do you get islands 8 and 9 on Pokemon firered?

you have to have the mystic ticket to get to island 8 and th aorua ticket get you to island 9

Where is the southern island on Pokemon ruby?

This island is only available if you have an eon ticket.

How do you get to the Seventh Island in Pokemon Emerald?

There is a seveth island, but you need a rainbow pass to get to it. You can get a rainbow pass by attending a Nintendo of America event or by Mystery gift.

How do you get to to island if you already left in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go back to vermilion city and talk to the sailor who asks you for a ticket show him the tri pass or rainbow pass and you will be able to return to the islands.

How do you get in seven island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to have the rainbow pass. you take the ferry