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Birth Island on Pokemon EmeraldFirst you go to proffeser birch and talk to him once you have caught 100 Pokemon and he will tell you that its looking more like a pokedex now.After that he will tell you to go to lilycove city and go into the department store and there will be an old man who'll give you a ticket and once you have it mix records with your friends to giveit to them.once you get to the island you have to figure out a code and youll find deoxys. the code is just to walk on all the triangles

lie's just lie's i did what he said and it failed
get the aura ticet to birth island.First go to prof. brich (once you have seen 100 pokemon) he'll tell you to go to lillycove and to the store, then their is a green man that gives you a ticet.

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Q: How do you get to Birth Island in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where to get Deoxys in Pokemon emerald?

Birth island.

What is the name of the island the Deoxys are on in Pokemon Emerald?

Birth island

Pokemon Emerald how to go to birth island?

the way to get to birth island is to get the auroua ticket

How do you get dyoxys on Pokemon Emerald?

You go to birth island

How do you get deoxsy in Pokemon emerald?

By going to birth island

Where is birth island on Pokemon diamond?

That is in emerald sorry

Where to find dexoys in Pokemon Emerald?

On Birth Island.

Where to get deoxys?

Pokemon Emerald: Birth Island Pokemon Sapphire: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald. Pokemon Ruby: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

Where is birth island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

birth island is on emraeld not leaf green its on EMERALD,LEAFGREEN,AND FIRERED

Pokemon Emerald how do you get deoxis?

If you got the Birth Island event then you can get it.

How do you warp to birth island in Pokemon Emerald?

eat a potatoe

How do you get the ticket to Birth island in Pokemon?

You can only get it in pokemon emerald or by trading records with someone who has it!:) !

What do you do on birth island on pokemon emerald?

Solve the puzzle and catch deoxys

Can you get the deyoxes in Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can go to birth island or you can get a gameshark

How can you catch deoxis in Pokemon emerald?

You'll have to go to Birth Island.

How do you get to birth island in Pokemon Ruby?

you don't only in Pokemon emerald firered and leaf green

Where is Bellington island in Pokemon emerald?

there is no bellington island in Pokemon emerald

How do you go to birth island in Pokemon emerald by codes?

Gameshark code 153SUckAdick

Where does the aurora ticket take you on Pokemon emerald?

it helps you get deoxys on birth island

In Pokemon emerald where do you go to get to birth island?

you don't you need a Nintendo event

Can you go on the moon on Pokemon Emerald?

No you cannot, because Deoxys is on Birth Island

How do you get to birth island on Pokemon emerald without cheating?

you cant only cheating can

Can you get to birth island in Pokemon emerald?

yes, you either get there by mystery gift or cheats

Where is birth island in Pokemon Diamond?

There isn't a birth island on diamond only on fire red leaf green and emerald sorry.

How do you get a mew in Pokemon emerald with a wireless adapter?

go to where to get to mew or deoxys ,birth island or faraway island?