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travel east from Anchorage memorial.

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Q: How do you get to Dukovs House On fallout 3?
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Where do you kill Timmy in Fallout 3?

by the house

Is there a way to remove house improvements in your Fable 3 Megaton House?

its called fallout 3

On fallout 3 how do you cage people in your house?

No. Unless they wonder in your house, but when I see people doing that, I kill them. :)

How do you activate the abandon house in Fallout 3?

deactivet the the nuke in town center

Can you get a balaclava on fallout 3?

I have finished the first fallout 3 game without the expancion and i have not come across one. if i had i fully would have it in my house in megaton =P home sweet home =P

Does fallout new Vegas freeze like Fallout 3?

Occasionally Fallout: New Vegas will freeze, but not as frequently as Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 PSP cheaths?

fallout 3 psp??????

Where is junians chamber in Fallout 3?

There is no such place in fallout 3.

Fallout 3 names?

Fallout 3, Fallout 3: Game of The Year Edition, Fallout 3: Broken Steel/Operation Anchorage/Mothership Zeta/The Pit/Point Lookout

How can you get purified water on Fallout 3?

you can get them from medic boxes and from your butler when you have a house after the power of aton quest in megaton

Where do you find Jericho on Fallout 3?

Jericho can be found in Megaton inside his house or walking around the town.

What Fallout game to buy on XBOX360?

I personally recommend Fallout 3 to any other Fallout game. Fallout 3 has a more organized and in my opinion interesting storyline. And you. And you can also keep the game going after you beat the main quest on Fallout 3 if you buy the DLC "Broken Steel."