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yes their is a oakfield in fable 2, and Oakvale is now wraithmarsh

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If you follow the storyline, you should be able to get to Oakfield in the quest "The Ritual". It is only then when you will be able to reach Oakfield.

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Q: How do you get to Oakfield in Fable 2?
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What region is the Temple of Light in on Fable 2?

It is in Oakfield. On the North side. :)

Where to find the hammerthyst on Fable 2?

behind the oakfield demon door.

Where are the monks in Fable 2?

they are all across albion, but they are mostly found in oakfield.

Where do you get a farmers hat in Fable 2?

Oakfield clothing stall, and it's called Yokel Hat.

How do you revive oakfield in Fable 2?

Oakvale, you mean? You can't, it's destroyed forever.

Where is the Demon Door in Oakfield on Fable 2?

It is closest to the water. You have to blow kiss someone. :)

Where are the produce stalls in Fable 2?

Bowerstone Market, Oakfield, Bloodstone, and Bowerstone Old town.

Can you destroy a town in Fable 2?

No but you can destroy the temple of light by doing a quest after you come out of the crucible called the Oakfield massacre.

Where is serenity fields in Fable 2?

If you mean serenity farm, it's behind the oakfield demon door, which is the first path off the road just left of the sandgoose.

Where is the temple of shadows in Fable 2?

Go to Oakfield and and look for the woodcutting job then follow the path leading out. turn, and take the first right on the way out leading to a castle.

Is there any way to repair damage done to oakfield on Fable 2?

after it is destroyed you cannot fix it but if you want it to stay there just fight the shhodow worshippers for the temple of light and oakfeild will live

Where do you buy clothes in Fable 2?

You can buy the ranger outfit in Oakfield at the beginning of the game around the time you recruit the Hero of Strength.