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How do you get to One Island on Pokemon FireRed?

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After you beat the seventh gym, walk outside and Bill will be waiting for you. He will give you the tri-pass which allows you to go to islands 1, 2, and 3. After you have obtained the tri-pass, go to Vermillion's harbour to go to the islands.

*If you want to go to islands 4, 5, 6, and 7 you have to beat the elite four, then go to island 1 and talk to Celio. Help Celio and he will give you the pass to the other 4 islands*
Beat blaine in the cinnabar island gym and bill will be there he will ask you if you want to go and if you said no he will still be on the island and if you want to go back to one island for a second time go to vermilion city and go to the place the ss. anne was. :)
You have to beat the gym leader in cinabar island first. Then Bill will take you to one island on his boat
When you defeat Blane the cinnabar gym leader bill will be waiting outside for you if you say no you meet him at the cinnabar Pokemon center. He is siting on a chair around the table

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Where is your rival on one island in Pokemon FireRed?

he isn't in the one island

Where is the cave on island one in Pokemon FireRed?

North of the island its mt ember.

How do you get to the One Island in Pokemon FireRed?

battle all gum.

Where is ember spa in Pokemon FireRed?

One island in the north.

Whare is celio in Pokemon FireRed?

he is in one island in the hospital.

What do you do with the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

Give it to Celio on one island.

How do you get map in Pokemon FireRed?

You get a map from Celio, on one island.

Where is the ultimate master on one island in Pokemon FireRed?

The ultimate master is on two island.

Where can you find celilo in Pokemon FireRed?

If you mean Celio, his in one island pokemon center.

Where can you find Ponyta in Pokemon FireRed?

on island one in the graas by the spa

Where is the hot fire cave in Pokemon FireRed?

North of One Island.

Where is Mudkip in Pokemon FireRed?

After fixing the Network Machine on One Island, you can trade a Mudkip from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. You can't catch a Mudkip in Pokemon FireRed.

Where can you catch growlith in Pokemon FireRed?

Growlithe is found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Firered.

How do you get a murkrow in in Pokemon LeafGreen?

must trade one from firered which firered gets one in lost cave on five island. you cant, you have to trade from firered or colosseum..

What island is noctowl on in Pokemon FireRed?

Noctowl nor hoot-hoot can be caught in firered you need to get one from emerald.

How do you get to Island One in the Pokemon FireRed?

go to cinnabar island and once you beat the Pokemon mansion Bill will come out and offer you to go with him to first island.

Where is the Pokemon Maison in Pokemon FireRed?

on cinnabar island

Where is magmar in pokemon firered?

it is only available in leaf green at one island

Where is the braille key in Pokemon FireRed?

It's in the one island cave with the ruby.

What do you do after the elit 4 in Pokemon FireRed?

go to one island and talk to celio

How do you get the bikers to battle you on one island in Pokemon FireRed?

just walk up to them

Is there a move tutor for Pokemon FireRed?

yes in one island you get to it after beating Blake

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

on Cinnabar Island.Pokemon mansion is on cinnabar island if you don't know how to get there go to pallet town then go south surfing on one of your Pokemon and there your at cinnabar island.

How do you smash rocks in Pokemon FireRed?

You get the HM rock smash and teach it to one of your Pokemon. You get it on island 1.

Pokemon FireRed mew cinabar island mansion?

There no Mew in firered.