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How do you get to Southern Island without using a cheat in Pokemon?


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To get southern ilsand in emerald you must trade data with sapphire or ruby with an eon ticket.


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youyou can cheat a codebreaker to go in birth island you cant visit birth island without cheat

At faraway island by event or gameshark or a cheat without gameshark.

you got to ride on a pikichus back without a cheat go to birth island on pikachu

without cheatthere is no island 8 and 9

islands in leafgreen1,2,3 island: beat the 7th gym.4,5,6,7 island: after getting the national dex then beat the Pokemon league, so then go to where moltres is, then go to the rockets.secret island: catch mewtwo without cheating.9,10,11,12 island: need a Japanese gamebirth island: cheat and get the ticket for itNavel rock: cheat and get mystic ticketfaraway: impossible, cheat or get Emarald game???????????? island: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sorry, but you can't surf to 'Southern Island', you need an Eon Ticket to get there. To get the Eon ticket either use a cheat system such as Action Replay or a GameShark. The other way is to go to a Nintendo event to get the ticket.

There is no way of getting Pokemon without catching them, unless you cheat.

You have to have a cheat. (For example a game shark).Or you have to go to a Pokemon convention and they will give you a ticket to the island.

There isn't a way to get to 9th island without cheating or using Nintendo events this also counts with the 8th island.

It's not possible to find Darkrai on Fullmoon Island with or without a cheat.

Well its kind of close to sotopolis city and mirage island is a cheat

you have to get the boat pass from a Nintendo event. none are going on ATM and the ones that aregoin to happen are going to be Pokemon platinum

it is impossible to do that without a cheat or code, in order to get a cheat or code u must have an R4 or and chip that's knows cheats for Pokemon is impossible to do that without a cheat or code, in order to get a cheat or code u must have an R4 or and chip that's knows cheats for Pokemon diamond.

You must have a cheat called "Pokemon Modifier"

Sadly, no. Unless you cheat with a Game Shark. Beware if you do that though, you game can fry out. Peace~

That's really because the game doesn't except hacked event items. To actually get to the island, you have to use a cheat to teleport to the desired place. Southern Island=Latias/Latios Birth Island=Deoxys Navel Rock=Lugia and Ho-oh Faraway Island=Mew

No. Unfortunately you'll have to cheat.. :'(

Go to Fullmoon Island. Or Use I Cheat. But do the complicated one. I cheat Is STUPID!!!

There is a Hp limit for a Pokemon if you are talking about games. Without cheat, you can't have undead Pokemon

use a cheat that enables you to catch their pokemon. i HATE that cheat, BECAUSE IT IS A CHEAT!


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