Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get to Steve house in Pokemon emerald?

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Just go to th top left corner of mossdeep and go in the house.Vuala!

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Where is the contest house in slateport city in the game Pokemon Emerald?

there is no contest house in Pokemon emerald

Where do you get beds in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't buy beds in Pokemon emerald. (one is in your house!!!!!)(and on the S.S.fairy

Where is Scott's house in Pokemon Emerald?

he elite four he no have house

Where is billys house on Pokemon Emerald?


Where do you get dive in emerald pokemon?

From steven at his house.

Where is the namerater's house in Pokemon Emerald?


Where is the name raters house in Pokemon emerald?

His house is just left of the Pokemon centre in slateportcity.

How do you get to bills house in Pokemon Emerald?


What if Stevens house is empty Pokemon emerald?

Then you have failed...............

Where steves house in Pokemon Emerald?

In Mossdeep clty

Where you found Steve in Pokemon emerald?

if you mean pkmn trainer steve, he is outside of the mountain where team aqua stole the meteorite

What is the best grass Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

leve her and go live at your freinds house

Where is the professors house in Pokemon emerald?

Isnt it Littleroot town?

Where do you get cut in Pokemon Emerald?

In Rustboro city in the cutters house.

Where do you get the hm cut in Pokemon emerald?

in rustboro cutters house

Where is Scott in Pokemon emerald?

In a small house at the battle frontier

Where is the berry master's house in Pokemon emerald?

its on route 123

How can you get a beldum in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Stevens house in Mossdeep.

Where is wally's house-pokemon emerald version?

It is in Verdanturf.

How do you get Steven's Pokemons in Pokemon emerald?

go to his house in mossdeep

Where do you get dive the hm Pokemon emerald?

Steven gives it to you at his house.

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get to the On Pokemon Emerald how do you get to the fossil manics house?

when your in the cave where you get ditto (in fossil manics house) go in the cave after you beat the elite 4 then go all the way right

How do you get lemonade in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant but you can in diamond and pearl but on Pokemon emerald you can only get super pop or whatever its called at the beach place on the sand in the house.

What is the second prize in the trick house in Pokemon emerald?

The prize for the 2nd puzzle in the Trick House on Pokemon Emerald is a Timer Ball. To access the 2nd puzzle of the Trick House you need the Dynamo Badge from Wattson in Mauville City.

Where can you find your house in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald?

At littleroot town its the left or right house.

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