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Q: How do you get to be lily kettle in Tracy beaker?
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How old lily kettle from Tracy beaker?

In real life lily kettle is 12 in Tracy beaker she is 10

Who plays Lily Kettle in Tracy beaker?

Jessie Williams plays Lily Kettle

What is the real name of lily in Tracy beaker returns?

Jessie Williams is the actress who plays Lily Kettle in Tracy Beaker Returns.

Is lily kettle sill in Tracy beaker?

Yes but Tracy beaker returns has ended now :D

What is the surname of lily out of Tracy beaker returns?


How old is lily kettle?

Lily Kettle is 10 in Tracy Beaker Returns although Jessie Williams (the girl who plays Lily Kettle) is 12.

How old is lily kettle in Tracy beaker returns?


Is Neil Armstrong in Tracy beaker returns?

Yes, he plays Rob (Lily Kettle's Social worker).

How old is Lily from Tracy Beaker Returns?

lily from Tracy beaker returns is 12

How old is lily from Tracy beaker returns in real life?

Lily (Jesse) out of Tracy Beaker Returns is 12 in Tracy Beaker Returns but in real life she is 14 in 2012.

How old is Jessie Williams from Tracy beaker returns?

Jessie Williams was born on the 20th January 1999 and she is 12 years old She plays Lily Kettle in Tracy beaker Returns and also Starred in the BBC'S Emma!

What age is lily in Tracy beacker returns?

Lily kettle is 13 in tracy beacker retuns

How does Lily kettle from Tracy Beaker fall off the roof?

She rolled off the actual roof and hurt her arm and then hit the porch and broke her leg.

Who plays lily in Tracy Beaker rutruns?

Jessie Williams is the girl who plays Lilly/Lily in Tracy beaker returns

What is carmens fake surname of Tracy beaker returns?


Who is lily beaker?

She is lily kettle, older sister of poppy and Rosie. When cam adopted her, she changed her name to lily beaker :) Hope it helped!

What is lillys real name out of Tracy beaker?

Her name is Called Lilly Kettle in Tracy Beaker Returns but her real name is called Jessie Williams

What are the last names of characters in Tracy beaker?

The story of Tracy Beaker: Tracy Beaker, Mike Milligan, Justine Littlewood, Louise Goven, Adele Apuzadi, Peter Ingham, Bradley Pakova, Laurence Pakova, Amber Hurst, Marco Maloney, Jackie Hopper, Michael Grys, Roxy Wellard, Rio Wellard, Chantelle Wellard, Rebecca Charmers, Tracy beaker returns: Tracy Beaker, Gina Conway, Mike Milligan, Cam Lawson, Saffire Fox, Lily Kettle, Tee Taylor, Jonny Taylor, Frank Matthews, Liam O'Donavan, Toby Coleman, Carmen Howle, Gus Carmichael, Harry Mason, Rosie Kettle, Poppy Kettle. The other characters surnames are not mentioned.

How old is lily out of tracy beaker returns?


Who is lily from Tracy Beaker Returns?

Jessie Williams :]

Where does Lilly kettle live from Tracy beaker?

i think she lives in Essex in real life but in the story of the new Tracy beaker she is living with Cam tracys adoption mum. if you want to what the first eposoide of Tracy beaker you can watch it on i player.

How old id lily from Tracy beaker returns?

Lily is ten years old

What is lily's age from Tracey beaker?

Jessica Williams aka lily from Tracy beaker returns is 12 years old.

Who played lily in Tracy beaker returns?

Jessie Williams

Where does lily get her clothes from in Tracy beaker?

i want to know tooo