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You get HM Surf and surf there


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You get it at Cinnabar Island.

No, Cinnabar Island never gets rebuilt in Pokémon HeartGold.

it is in mahogany town or if you already beat him probably chuck in cinnabar

He is in the cave on Seafoam Island, which is east from Cinnabar.

Cinnabar island but you have to compleate all 7 gyms of kunto

to battle Blue in Pokemon Heartgold you must defeat the 7th gym leader, then find him on cinnabar island. Talk to him, then he will go back to his gym for you to fight

You go to Cinnabar Island and Blue should be somewhere around the Pokemon Center.-

Blaine is on the seafoam islands since the volcano on cinnabar island exploded. You will find him in a cave.

The Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island in Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold is not on his island. His gym is set up on the Seafoam Isands. He has 7 trainers. Hope I helped!

Cinnabar Island is at Kanto. Only the games Pokémon Gold, Silver, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green can only go to Kanto.

Go to Cinnabar island on Tuesday talk to him and you can get his number. You can rebattle him on Tuesday afternoons.

Easy. Simply get a magmar (get in the safari zone or burned tower) and give it a magmarizer (on cinnabar island) then trade it.

you must surf from cinnabar town to the sea form island and you will all so now that artoconois a legendary pokemon which is underground

Yes, there is. It is the magmarizer. If a magmar is holding this when it is being traded, it will evolve into magmortar. Hope I helped!

articuno is at the bottem level of seaform islands: south of fushia city and east of cinnabar island on kanto

Talk 2 blue at cinnabar island then go 2 the Viridian city gym.

On Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal Blaine is on Cinnabar Island. On HeartGold and SoulSilver he is at the Seafoam Islands.

Use the dowsing machine on Cinnabar Island, you may need the HM Rock Climb to get to it. I believe there is also an Electirizer there.

beat the first 15 gym leaders, go to cinnabar island, he's just behind the Pokemon center, up the steps. speak to him and he'll go back to his gym for you to challenge him.You will find him on Cinnabar Island before and after you have defeated Blaine

on Cinnabar Island.Pokemon mansion is on cinnabar island if you don't know how to get there go to pallet town then go south surfing on one of your Pokemon and there your at cinnabar island.

The six gym leader location in Pokemon Heart Gold is Olivine City, but you battle the one in Cinnabar first.

Go east of Cinnabar Island to the Seafoam Islands, the gym leader is there using a cave for his gym.

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