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Random Bits of Advice: If you want to get to know someone really well.. just act normal and do what you would do to talk to any other person. Ask what charities they like to donate to/support, and why. Also find out if they belong to a local service club, like the Rotary or the Lions, as this is usually a sign of a good humanitarian. You can ask what their favorite things are such as books food movies music etc.

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Q: How do you get to know someone well?
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¡Cállate! to someone whom you know well ¡Cállese! to someone older or someone you do not know well ¡Cállense! to people older than you or people you do not know well I don't think it would be polite to say the second or third answer.

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¿Tienes novio? (If familiar, someone you know well, someone younger than you) ¿Tiene Usted novio? (If formal, someone you don't know well, someone older than you) These can also mean do you have a fiance or a groom, so be careful with your context.

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You say... como te sientes? (if you know them well) or como se siente (in a more formal way of treating someone or someone you don't know that well).

What is the difference between the spanish verbs KNOW?

"conocer" to say you know someone or to know about a certain topic extremely well. "saber" to know something or about someone just in basic recognition, not know about something deeply

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get to know them well. then, ask them out. just act like a friend and normal until you get to know them.

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