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How do you get to navel rock using ultimate codes on Pokemon fire red?

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you have to get an event ticket

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You can't Navel rock is in Firered and Leafgreen games only

by using the mystic ticket which is obtained by using an action replay

Go to Navel Island using a Navel or Aurara Pass. trade them from these Gamecube games: Ho-Oh = Pokemon Colesseum Lugia = Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Search using Google gameshark codes for Pokemon fire red/ruby

If your using the older codes or codes from a diffrent version of the Pokemon games then that's why they don't work.

Just plug your AR into your computer/laptop and add the codes using code junkies it should have most codes including Pokemon modifier codes

using action replay codes also hatching from eggs.

Just Google it and make sure you are using the correct region codes, for example if you are from America make sure you are using American codes because different regions have different codes

Using AR codes and some in the game without Ar codes

At Navel Rock, and you get there by using a mystic ticket you can get one by using a gameshark or action replay or nintendo event or a cheat.

Well, if you put it that way,yes.

There is, unfortunately you will have to research the codes up yourself on sites such as or other places. Only reason is because there are so many. Then watch a Youtube video on the situation, and it should be very straightforward. I recommend not using Codes until you've beaten as much of the game as you possibly can without them.

Update your Action Replay firmware, then try using the codes.

Just go on Code junkies and click on Saves and Codes type in your pokemon game and all the cheat codes will be there.

In Pokemon Emerald, Ho-Oh will be holding a Sacred Ash item when it is caught. One can also be found on Navel Rock using the Itemfinder.

you can get every pokemon using codes you can get legendary pokemon such as mew regi's HO-OH Lugia every kind of pokemon

A Pokemon modifier allows you to get any Pokemon you want using different numbers and codes depending on the game you have. It is a cheat.

i think you can generate codes for that using pokesav.

It depends on what you mean by 'ultimate Pokemon'. Some people trade theres with others using Wi-Fi but you'll probably have to give them some really good in return. I personally just train the Pokemon myself

Ok, two things.. Number 1: If your using the original Pokemon Gold cartridge then you just import the codes automatically Number 2: If you using in Emulator version then you just import the codes where it says "CHEATS" Hope this helped !

trade, using cheat codes with a flashcard or by using action replay

You cannot catch Celebi unless you are using cheat codes or waiting for Pokemon events.