Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

How do you get to the fifth gym on Pokemon Silver?


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You will find it in Cianwood City, located south of Olivine City. You'll need the Surf HM to get there.

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The fifth gym in Pokemon blue is in Fushia city.

The fifth gym in Pokemon white uses the ground type.

The fifth gym in pokemon gold version is cianwood city . Its a fighting gym

The fifth gym leader is in Hearthome City of Pokemon Pearl.

The fifth gym leader in Pokemon platinum is crasher wake but you get the fourth badge.

The fifth gym leader is fantina.She is in hearthome city.

the 5th gym is saffron gym with sabrina!

To get the Olivine City Gym leader to battle you, you have to go to the top of the lighthouse and help her heal a Pokemon by getting medicine from a man across the sea in Cianwood. The leader there, Chuck, is actually the fifth, and Jasmine is the sixth.

The fifth Gym Leader in Pokemon LeafGreen is Koga, the leader of Fuschia City's Gym. He specializes in Poison-type Pokemon and hands out the Soul Badge.

the FIFTH gym leader is in HEARTHROME CITY! Hope that helps!!

the fifth gym on Pokemon diamond is the one in herthome city,

the 5th gym is in hearthome city

The fifth gym is in petalburg city

The 6th gym leader in Pokemon Silver is Chuck who uses Fighting-type Pokemon.

The 5th Gym is in Cianwood City in Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

The 5th gym leader is in the 5th gym, witch is in Petalburg City, where you will face your father,......... Norman.

The gym leader is not at the gym and that is why we cannot enter the gym.

The fifth gym is in Hearthome city, but in order to challenge the gym you must visit Celestic town first.

The fifth Gym is in Petalburg against your father.

Get the badges for 1-4 and go back to Petalburg. There is the fifth gym. Your father runs it and he uses Normal type Pokemon.

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