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Firstly, head west of Fortree city, until you reach a new route. On this route you can battle two or three trainers (including the T.V. crew who you might have battled north and/or west of Mauville) who give experience for the GYM, and following the path you will a reach a bridge. On this bridge, there will be yet another block in your path, but when you press 'A' on it, Steven Stone will appear. He tells you that the block in the bridge is a Pokemon, and give you the 'Silph Scope' to make these invisible Pokemon appear. He makes you use it on the Pokemon in-front of you, and a Lv30 Kekleon reveals itself. You can either defeat him or catch him, but there are still a few more invisible ones for you to catch (excluding the one outside of Fortree GYM). Once done, head back to Fortree GYM, use the Silph Scope, and the Kekleon will run away giving you access to the GYM!

P.S Besides the invisible ones, I think Kekleon appear in the very tall grass around there anyway, but it's better to be on the safe side and catch one, preferably the first one as I think it is at a higher level.

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(i think) you go to "LAKE OF RAGE". there, defeat or capture Red Gyarados. After that, you'll meet Lance. Talk to him and help him to defeat Team Rocket. Once you beat Team Rocket, you will be able to go in the gym..


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Go to Goldenrod and defeat Team rocket in the Radio tower

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Q: How do you get to the gym leader in for tree city in Pokemon sapphire?
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Where is the 6th gym leader in pokemon emerald?

It is in For Tree City. Leader Winona, careful! The bitch's got power.

Where can you find a the tree like Pokemon in sapphire?


How do you move the Pokemon in your way in Pokemon gold?

if you meen the tree near ecrutak city, you have to have a squirtbottle, wich you get in goldenrod city. there is a flower store near the gym, to get the bottle you have to beat the gym leader, and find the sister near the tree. after that i mean you get th bottle. the tree is acturly a Pokemon, it is the Pokemon Sudowoodo and its on lv. 20. hope that helped

Is there a glitch in Pokemon Sapphire near or on a tree on the right of Slateport City Harbor?

Yes there is. 1.Cut a tree and walk on the spot it once was 2.Save and Reset Result: until you cut the tree you cant move

In Pokemon what do you do after the gym pool?

After that, go to Vermilion City, and go on the ship and get HM CUT. Go to the Gym, use cut on the tree and battle the Gym Leader.

Where is the third gym leader Pokemon fire red?

Lt. Surge is in Vermillion City. Go to the S.S. Anne get cut and cut the tree in front of the gym

How do you get the tree that dances in route 36 out of your way in Pokemon heart gold?

first you have to beat Whitney the gym leader in goldenrod city then go to the flower shop in goldenrod city. Then you go to the tree (sudowoodo) and use the squirtbotle on it ...then you get in a battle. Hope this helps :)

How do you cut down a tree with two branches in Pokemon heart gold version?

You beat the Goldenrod City gym leader(Whitney, in SoulSilver), go to the flower shop, get the squirt bottle, go to the tree, squirt the tree, it'll attack you.

Can you catch regigaigis in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, regigaigis is a fourth generation Pokemon and Pokemon Sapphire is a third generation game. zoo3891 says, above is correct but you can transfer the tree regis to diamond/pearl/platinum and then go to the snowpoint temple and catch regigigas on floor b3

What glitchs are in Pokemon Sapphire?

There are two known glitches in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. 1) Tree Glitch, cut down a tree and walk on that space save and turn off game. When you start the game again you will be on the tree. 2) Thunder Glitch, occasionally when you use thunder the sound will continue until you win/lose the fight, and then your game crashes.

How do you get to the fourth gym leader in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to get to celadon city which you can get to after passing through rock tunnel, once you get to celadon city get a Pokemon that knows the move Cut and go to the southern portion of the city you should find a tree to cut down use Cut then go left and then you can go into the gym you will need to use Cut again inside in order to reach the gym leader.

How can you level up Pokemon eaisly in Pokemon heart-gold?

Go to pewter city and feed your Pokemon lemons from the tree in the city square