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To get to the prison you just have to pass all the water that is next to the sign that said "super power island" and you also need the the super hero I.D. to get pass the police at the prison.

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How do you you exit the prison in Super Villain Island?

you get through security or you run your poptropica person for life

In Poptropica super power island where is The County Prison?

When you are on main street go to the far left past the water and there should be an island with the prison on it

What is your quest in poptropica super power island?

A giant meteor hits the island's prison house, and the prisoners get super powers from it.You have to be the hero and save the day.

When will prison break and lost and heroes be back again?

Prison Break is back on, but I'm wondering about Heroes. And Lost has ended.

Poptropica where is the warden and scientist?

The Poptropica warden and scientist are at the "County Prison".

Where are the anti power handcuffs on poptropica?

Just go to super power then go to the prison warden, talk to the lady, click the last line.

How you get back to the blimp in Super Villain Island on Poptropica?

you need to go outside of the prison then use your walkie talkie and then a helicopter will pick you up

When is LEGO marvel super heroes coming?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is already out.

When was The Marvel Super Heroes created?

The Marvel Super Heroes was created on 1966-09-01.

When did The Marvel Super Heroes end?

The Marvel Super Heroes ended on 1966-12-01.

How do you get off of Super Villain Island on poptropica?

First, you get out of the prison building. Then, you go to your items and use the walkie talkie to call up the helicopter dude.

What do you do in super power island Poptropica?

in super power island in poptropica you get to defeat 6 villains that escaped from jail!

What are the release dates for Legion of Super Heroes - 2006?

Legion of Super Heroes - 2006 was released on: USA: 2006

Where can one find the different types of lego super heroes?

Lego Super Heroes are now sold in several different stores. Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us all sell different types of Lego Super Heroes. Lego stores offer a large variety of Lego Super Heroes as well.

What is the Legion of Super heroes?

The Legion of Super Heroes is a fictional group of teen-aged super heroes from 1,000 years in the future created by DC Comics. Founding members * Cosmic Boy * Lighting Lad * Saturn Girl

On Poptropica where do you go after the policeman tells you to go to the prison?

You swim across the water to your right. There should be a prison.

How do you get to the prison in poptropica the ghost story?

Look for it when you use the lighthouse to look for it then use the boat to go to the prison

How do you leave Super Villain Island without completing it?

You have to leave the lab, exit the prison, and call the helicopter on your walkie talkie. It will take you back to the oil rig where the Poptropica blimp is.

Can you get super strength on Poptropica?

Not unless you know how to and im a poptropica creator in hiding

Who was the super state hero for Kansas?

what were Kansas super heroes state

Can you get super powers on poptropica?

Yes, but only on Super Power Island.

How do you spell super heroes?

The spelling "superheroes" is correct, but the existence of copyrighted forms can result in the use of the hyphenated "super-heroes" in titles and media.

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