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You start by taking the engine cover off. You can accomplish by removing quarter sized plugs in the cover on top of the engine. Removing the plugs will provide access to screws to remove the cover. After removing the cover, you have to remove the coil packs which slide down on top of each spark plug. You should see 'posts' with 10mm nuts which need to be removed. Pull each coil pack out after removing the nuts, and the spark plugs should be accessible.

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Q: How do you get to the spark plugs in a 1992 BMW 325i?
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The blower resistor on the 1992 BMW 325i is located under the center console. It is found on the driver's side.

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You have to contact BMW consumer hotline and give them the vin#

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Sorry, the 1992 B'mers all have computer controlled ignition. There is no distributor. However, there are coils on top of each spark plug that serve the function of providing spark energy (which is what the single distributor used to do).

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I have a 2002 BMW 325i that does the same thing. I found out that the connection point between the oil well and spark plug gets wet from the oil. This is caused by the deterioration from the spark plug boot. You need to replace all the rubber boots on your spark plug ends and maybe your plugs if you have not done so within the last 3 to 6 years.

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The spark plugs are screwed into the head on the passenger side of the motor. Theres six sparkplug cables connecting them to the distributor, just pull them off and the plugs are there in the recesses. Don't forget wich cable goes to wich plug because your car will not run if they aren't in the correct place.

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The 2003 BMW 325i uses a coil-over-plug system, so the spark plugs are connected directly to the coils, deep in the cylinder head. To get to the spark plugs: # Remove sound reduction or ignition coil covers as needed # Open control box cover # Disconnect ignition coil electrical connector by lifting up plug lock # Remove ignition coil by pulling straight up # Use the necessary tools to remove the spark plugs There are six plugs, and the factory plugs that come with the car are most likely the NGK BKR6EQUP (laser platinum, 4-ground electrode) ... or if it's not the platinum version, the BKR6EKUB (a dual-ground electrode, semi-surface discharge type).

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There could be many of things wrong on why a 1986 BMW 325 I will not stay running. The most common thing that happens when a car will not stay running is because the spark plugs have went bad.

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