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you can use a game shark to get unlimited master balls

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Q: How do you get unlimited master balls in leaf green if you do not have emerald?
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Where else can i get master balls in Pokemon Green leaf?

You can't, you only get one, though Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald has a lottery where you can get one.

What colour is the master emerald?


How do you get 99master balls in Pokemon Green?

You can NOT get 99 Master Balls unless you have a gameshark.

On Pokemon diamond how to get master balls?

you get a masterball from the galactic boss after you go through galactic HQ, and if you want more you can migrate them up from fire red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire and emerald

How many leaf stones are in emerald?

I think there are an Unlimited number, because if you manage to get a green shard from a wild pokemon, you can trade it with the shard hunter for a leaf stone. (He has an unlimited number of them, as long as you have a green shard to give him.)

Catch rare Pokemon easily LeafGreen?

Use master balls. Use a ton of ultra balls and put them to sleep or paralyze but master balls are your best bet since leaf green is harder than its original counterpart

Where is a water stone in emerald?

There is not one, but you can attach it to a poke'mon from Fire Red or Leaf Green. Same with Fire stones. You can get unlimited stones from Fire Red and Leaf Green.

How do you turn pokeballs to master balls in leaf green without game shark?

I dont think you can

How do you get master balls in Pokemon leaf green by cheats?

Or, you could try not cheating and play the game?

What is the GameShark code for master balls?

There is no master ball code in leaf green. And my advice, don't CHEAT!! If you cheat then what is the point of playing the game.

What is a gameshark code for masterball on Pokemon leaf green?

Here is the (M) code00000554000A101DC9B00007830050000000830050020000when you use the code you will have 99 of all balls including (master balls and safari balls)420259D800010001000C0004420259DA52120000000C0004

Why is the emerald coast emerald?

The coast emerald is called emerald cuz it is green and emeralds are green.