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How do you get up waterfall on Pokemon silver?

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You must get the HM Waterfall which you can find in the cave at Blackthorn city. Teach the HM to any water pokemon then simply use it when you are touching the waterfall and there you go!

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Nope. That waterfall at the entrance of the cave is for Moltres

Get the HM Waterfall in the ice path then go to victory road click A on the waterfall and your pokemon will go up the waterfall.

up the waterfall where you catch lugia

You can find Waterfall in the Dark Cave.

You don't get waterfall in Johto(Silver, Gold, Crystal)

Waterfall is an HM that, if taught to a Pokemon, allows you to climb up a waterfall.

in mount silver go up the waterfall rather than the rocks.

There are many wild Pokemon in Mt. Silver. There is also one legendary Pokemon. If you stick to the left and travel up the waterfall, you will find Moltres.

You have to use rock climb....and you have to go threw the maze you don't have to surf up the waterfall and moltres is on the side with the waterfall

Teach one of your Pokemon the HM Waterfall, and you can go up the waterfall.

one of your party Pokemon has to know waterfall press A on the waterfall it will say it's a waterfall do you want to use waterfall say yes and you will go up the waterfall

Which waterfall? If it's the one in Tohjo Falls, you have to obtain all gym badges, teach a Pokemon Waterfall, and climb up the waterfall into Kanto. If it's Lugia's chamber, then there is nothing else after you catch Lugia.

you will find waterfall on the 1st floor on ice path

i think that wooper can't learn waterfall at a level.

you have to obtain the HM waterfall

HM07 Waterfall is found in the Ice Path, not the Whirl Islands.

I think you find it in the Icy path.

lugia and fregulater and charmander

hes past the waterfall in mt silverIt is found in Mt. Silver

its inside of the ice path in mahogany town....

in the cave between the mt moon and when you get to it then you use flash first, then you surf all the way up and there is a waterfall. one of your Pokemon have to know how to use waterfall, after the waterfall, surf all the way up and then you find a cave on the left and you enter in then you can find some where in the cave because i found it.

If you are talking about Soul Silver, you need to fight all of the Komono girls and then follow a pathway is Swirl Islands. You will find Lugia in Waterfall Cave

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