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You will need to get a professional cleaner to remove the urine. Hopefully, you can also get an enzyme spray that will help neutralize the smell. Invest in a non permeable cover for your mattress, since your pet may repeat the action.

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Q: How do you get urine odor out of a mattress?
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How do you get the urine odor out of a mattress from humans?

U cant. Throw it away

How do you clean an urine from a inflatable mattress?

To clean urine from an inflatable mattress blot up as much as possible. You can then clean the area with soapy water. If the mattress has an odor you can use a product such as Urine Gone to clean it again.

Is a urine soaked mattress bad?

A urine soaked mattress is bad. You should probably wash the mattress.

How do you get urine out of a mattress?

There are a few ways to get urine out of a mattress. You could buy a special spray on chemical.

How do you remove cat urine from a mattress?

new mattress or get rid of cat

Can green tea cause odor in urine?

yes studies show that green tea causes odor in urine

Can melatonin cause urine odor?

Too much Melatonin can cause kidney damage which caused urine odor. Beware!

How do you remove strong odor of urine on a mattress that has been urinated on 2-4 times a week for the past six months?

Your perseverance in trying Pine Sol and so on is admirable. Using a mix of white vinegar and water to wash and rinse using a clean rag, will help remove the odor. Somewhat. At this point, it may well be worth trashing the mattress, and getting another. The odor is never really going to go away, since the urine isn't just on the surface of the mattress. If the problem is going to continue and you don't want to change mattresses, put a thick vinyl mattress sack on it after cleaning and airing as well as you can. Then, use a mattress pad--get two so they can be washed. Perhaps also add an additional rubber pad under the sheet if there is a commonly used spot.

What is the term uriniferous odor of breath?

urine smelling breath odor.

Does ammonia have an odor?

Yes. Ammonia has a very strong odor resembling that of urine.

How do you rid car of mouse urine?

There is a product called Zero Odor that removes urine smell. Simply spray it in the area of concern and you odor will be gone. Zero Odor does simply cover up the odor, it bonds onto the molecules and changes them so there is no more odor.

Describe the odor of the urine of a person with ketosis?

A strong urine smell

How long does the odor of urine stay in carpet?


How do you get urine out a memory foam mattress?


Dog urine odor out of lawn and deck?

You can purchase urine burn remedies for grass at your local hardware or pet store. Odor is a bit more difficult to remove. You can rinse your yard with a hose after your dog urinates. To remove urine odor for your deck, use a mixture of Mule Team Borax and water, or use a urine odor remover from your pet store.

How do you remove cat urine off a mattress?

In all my years of owning cats and having to deal with these issues, removing cat urine from a mattress is the hardest. Since the usual methods of removal involve blotting the urine up and then spaying with an enzyme product, blotting again, then repeating that step and then placing a towel (paper or cotton) over the area and spray that with the enzyme product every day to keep it moist and activated, it is a little hard to then use said mattress. Also, since the mattress is so dense, the urine soaks deeper into the mattress the more layers of moisture you add to it, do you may mask or eliminate the odor from the surface of the mattress but to tell you that you will get rid of it totally, I don't think so and I'm pretty sure that your cat won't either, they will still be able to smell it deep in the mattress. I have never tried the cleaning process stated above and then flipped the mattress so that any moisture will come back to the surface instead of sink deeper into the mattress. Try it and if it works, let me know. Otherwise, pitching the mattress may be your only option.

How do you remove human urine odor from furniture?

Get an enzyme based odor remover from a veterinarian's office or a pet supply store, it works just as well on human urine as it does on pet urine.

Where can one purchase cat urine odor remover?

Cat urine odor can be very offensive. Many of local stores such as Walmart, Petco, and Petsmart carry cat urine odor removing products. For convenience, the products can also be ordered from online websites.

Can fish oil cause urine odor?

No it does not i have been taking fish oil for several years and it has never gaven urine odor. HOPE THAT HELPS!!!!!

How do you get human urine odor out of carpet?

You can buy some pet odor eliminator at a pet store and use that, it works for all types of urine smells

What does it mean when your urine is a very light almost clear foamy and has an odor?

Why is my urine very light yellow almost clear in color and has an odor and is foamy?

How do you get rid of urine odor?

You can dilute urine by drinking more water/fluids.

Can chlamydia cause foul odor in urine?

Chlamydia does not cause urine odor, although some other infections, both STDs and not, can cause urine odor. Because you think you may be at risk for chlamydia, it's important that you get screened. Most often, chlamydia has no symptoms.

Bad urine odor?

Certain foods like asparagus can give urine a bad odor. It could be an infection. If you recently took vitamins, that could cause odor as well

Can Urine odor effect health?

no of couse not