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You can't get water, but you can make transparent blue blocks that look like water.

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Q: How do you get water on Happy Wheels level editor?
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How do you make water happy wheels?

Get some water

How can you make water in empire earth the art of conquest editor?

in EE AOC map editor everything below 0 elevation is considered below sea level & therefore under water.

What is the flood cheat on GTAsa?

There is no flood cheat. You can change sea water level in San Andreas Map Editor.

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There are four red "control wheels" that raise or lower the water level. One of them is to the left, past the floating crates. Turning it will LOWER the water level, exposing two more red wheels off to the right. The one at far right raises the water to the level of the one not as far right, which is the important one. When one or both are turned, the water level rises to the control room entrance at far left. (Do NOT turn the red wheel at the control room door!) Duck under the wall and enter the Control Room.

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