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How do you get your boyfriend to propose?

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You need to be patient. If you push too hard, your boyfriend might feel trapped and want to leave you!

There are plenty of subtle ways to help move your boyfriend in the right direction though. Make sure he knows that if he asks you would say yes, make sure he knows marriage is important to you SOME DAY. Have a mutual friend ask him if he has ever thought about proposing to you. These tips worked for me, I read them in an ebook called "How to get Him to Propose". The book is full of great info. Give it a try, and you will have a good chance of getting engaged soon.

2010-08-16 11:52:53
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How to propose a girl who has already a boyfriend?

You can't.

How do you propose on Movie Star Planet?

You can not propose, technically, however, you can become boyfriend and girlfriend. There is a new propose animation that you can use, though.

How do you use the word Propose in a sentence?

Propose means to suggest an idea, or suggest marriage.I propose that McDonald's buy Wendy's and call the new chain MegaBurger.She was not expecting her boyfriend to propose.

How can i make my boyfriend of a year and half propose?

You can't make someone propose. Especially only after a year and a half.

Should you propose to your ex-boyfriend?

If its for love and you feel he loves you but isn't showing it then yes To win him back, NO!

How do you propose in Sims 3?

first you gotta be girlfriend/boyfriend with that sims than you gotta flirt to that sims until you see propose to marry sign and than you can propose that sims to marry

In The Sims 3 can you marry a guy if he was never your boyfriend?

No you have to get to romantic interest, then propose going steady, the propose marriage before you can actually get married.

When you propose a girl and she say its friendship what does it means?

She thinks of you as a friend, not boyfriend or husband.

Why did boyfriend write parents stating he loves there daughter?

He might want to propose to her

Does Link propose to Amber in Hairspray?

link doesn't propose to amber he gives her a ring that symbolizes there officially boyfriend and girlfriend its a thing they used to do back in the 60s

I want to propose to my boyfriend but I don't want him to think that it's because he brought it up?

Well propose to him if you truly love him, and he will say yes if he loves you as well.

Why won't your boyfriend propose?

because he isn't ready to wait and he will or he just isn't the one for you

Will your boyfriend Paul Woodard of 7 years and 10 months propose to you by the end of this year?

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

How do you get your boyfriend to propose to you?

he wont perpose unless he feels its time, so dont pressure him.

How do you hint that you want your boyfriend to propose without being blunt?

tell his friends to encourage him

What does it mean a wedding in your dream?

your boyfriend or longterm mate will propose soon. Have a nice Wedding!

How can you tell when your boyfriend is ready to propose?

Actually it is not always so apparent but that's the excitement of it the surprise!

Why won't my boyfriend propose when he already has the rings?

maybe because he is shy just let him be andhe will ask you

How can you tell if your boyfriend is going to propose marriage?

When his going to bend down and get something out of his pocket. Also when he has a surprise for you

In sims complete Collection if you are a girl and have a computer player as your boyfriend how can you get married if only boys can propose?

aks the computer player guy to move in with your girl sim and then have the now controllable guy propose to her.

How do you get your sim to propose to another sim?

First you have to make the Sims become boyfriend and girlfriend by clicking the tab: go steady or something like that and if the mood is right you should have the option to propose marriage. :)

How do girls know when their boyfriend is going to propose to her?

Generally when he gets down on one knee and pulls out a diamond ring....

How do you give your boyfriend an ultimatum to propose?

You can not force your partner in to proposing to you.he will only do it if he is good and ready. Doing something like that might put a strain on your relationship. If your the right girl for him he will propose.... but he will only do it if he wants to.....

What should you do if you and your boyfriend have been together for 8 years and are still not engaged and he keeps saying he will propose but always has excuses such as not having enough money?

That probably means he's not quite sure if he really wants to propose to you.

How do you get your long term boyfriend to propose?

Send him hits. Casually talk about marriage, show him rings you like... things like that.