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Well, first as his girlfriend you should be aware of things that he likes to do. If he likes football and you hate it, try to compromise, learn something about the game and join in. He will love spending time with the activity is something he naturally enjoys. DO NOT nag him about not spending enough time. Just make the subtle adjustments as I have suggested above. Likewise you can try and introduce him to things you enjoy.

AnswerI would just tell him that he needs to spend more time with me and I would ask him what he was doing this weekend and I bet that if he likes you he would say nothing and ask you to the movies or to his house! AnswerIf you have to "adjust yourself" to suit your boyfriend then you should keep looking for a man who shares some of your interests. If you need to "nag" him to spend time with you then you should keep looking. If your requests that he spend more time with you are considered "nagging" then you need to keep looking.

Try doing something different together and start finding some recreation and interests that you two can share. Consider hiking to some local mountaintops, rent kayaks and explore a local waterway, explore museums and historical sites and talk about the exhibits and what you like and don't like.

If you try to adjust yourself to take part in his favorite pastimes neither one of you will grow and your relationship may become more boring as time passes. Try something different that you both might enjoy together.You should make the first move by planning something and then inviting him.

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Q: How do you get your boyfriend to spend more time with you?
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Spend more time together, be romantic!

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