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How do you get your ex-wife back?


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February 23, 2011 11:15PM

You have not lost them for good. I was in a similar situation and ended up reading a lot of books on the subject of getting your ex back.

The books told me to do things that did not seem rational but they worked. I got my ex back after we were broken up for four months. The blog is in the link below. if you want to check it out. You will not believe how well the info will help you.

Winning your ex girlfriend is a bit tricky.

To do this thing easily you have to learn to get through it.

Step 1 . Don't get emotional when you see her

Step 2 . Be cool . Talk with other girls and make friends with them. When you do this make sure that your ex gf see you , so that she get jealous

Step 3 . If she talks with other boy in front of you don't think that she loves him . Shes to trying to make you jealous!!.

Step 4 .Don't be angry with her . Act like you don't care about how she broke up with you

Step 5 . Talk with her . Try to talk with her emotionally . Also tell her the truth about you so that she wont get mad at you . try to tell ' sorry for what you have done ' and also tell her ' you would still like her to be yours ' then ' you would act like how she wants you to be ' .

If you follow the advice i gave you you will definitely win her back. Try to use these steps in a smart way . Don't act foolish in front of her . Be charming , romantic and hot. Don't misunderstand her if you do that then again you will have to lose her .

something new get out there go mingle show other women that your there. so try something new
Try to impress them, by showing them how much you really do care about him or her.:)